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This week I'm teasing from my story, Serendipity, set to release from Hot Ink Press, November 11, 2014 within the anthology, Naughty Bedtime Stories, The First Time

Lizzie closed the pale blue brocade curtain hanging on a rail across the cubicle entrance. She undressed to her underwear and took the lingerie from its hangers so that she could quickly try it on. A big sign with red letters proclaimed the need to try panties on over your own. Lizzie grinned, naturally. She unclipped her bra and hung it on the hooks provided. As she reached for the new bra to try it on, a male hand pushed back the curtain an inch or two, at about shoulder height. Lizzie whipped around to check what was happening and held the new bra to her breasts.
“Lizzie, it’s Ryan, don’t be afraid. I saw you come in here and I thought…I thought maybe you should try this too.”
Lizzie’s heart raced, she swallowed down the fear that arose when she’d first seen the male hand. Calmer, she discovered he held the matching garter belt.
“I don’t need it, thank you anyway, and this is the ladies fitting room.”
Ryan shook the garter belt at her. “It would suit you. Give it a try, just for me.”
Something strange happened to Lizzie at this request. Tears burned behind her eyes ready to slide down her cheeks and wreck her eye-makeup. She took the garter belt and dropped it onto the brocade-covered stool that occupied a corner of the fitting cubicle.
Ryan withdrew his hand. “Thank you for your help earlier.”
Lizzie listened intently. Is he leaving? The thick carpet in the fitting room muffled footsteps. Lizzie put on the new bra quickly, adjusting the straps to fit. She stared at the curtained doorway. Prickles ran up her spine. Her heart hammered. Her stomach clenched and to her dismay, a drench of wetness throbbed from her pussy. Her body told her Ryan was still behind the curtain, but her head said he’d gone. Why would he stay? There’ll be other customers soon. Oh hell, what’s going on?
The sound of female voices, laughing, talking excitedly, two, maybe three women, and then Ryan held back the curtain and stepped into the cubicle with Lizzie.
Lizzie moved for him. His tall frame and muscular body filled the place considerably and she shivered from the cold mirror pressing against her upper back. She gaped at him. Words simply failed in her dry mouth.
His whisper, accompanied by an apologetic expression, the concerned frown on his forehead, and the way he shrank a little away from her, told Lizzie he was sincere
“Sorry. I thought I should hide. I just reacted instinctively. I’m not going to hurt you or anything. Sorry. You have to think the worst. I don’t usually do this stuff. I’m harmless. Please don’t scream.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014, Hot Ink Press, All rights reserved


  1. Sex in the cubicle, perhaps? LOL Great teaser, Elodie.

  2. Tight space, cold mirror at her back, hot man crowding her. Great tease!

  3. He's cheeky! "... don't scream." That made me laugh. :)

  4. Such an awesome fantasy you've written for us, Elodie! I love this: “It would suit you. Give it a try, just for me.” Great buns too! xoxoxo

  5. Oh, yummy. Loving the sound of this one :-)

  6. Naughtiness! Great tease, Elodie. Thanks for teasing with me!

  7. I don't think he's quite as harmless as he professes. Time will tell, eh?


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