Sunday means #SexySnippets so let's have some fun

Sunday, seven sentences for #SexySnippets

From my WIP, 'Clip my Wings'

Sadie was three steps up a ladder. Her bare legs taunted him. Her colorful skirt swathed her curvy ass and as she turned to his footfall, the angle of her body accentuated her ample breasts in her white blouse.
Used to taking liberties, Drew ran his palm up her calf, and on up the inside of her thigh.
Sadie slid her arms around his neck to bring her face close to his. She leaned into him, a sigh of disappointment escaping as he moved his hand from the top of her thigh.

“Don’t tease, Drew. You know I want you.” 

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 All rights Reserved, July 15 release from r.a. Publishing within the 'Confessions of a Sex Addict' anthology


  1. Such a yummy snippet, Elodie. She sounds like she knows what she wants :-)

  2. A teasy little snippet. I wonder if she's going to get what she wants

  3. What a tease he is. Great snippet.


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