#FlameFriday a little snippet from my next release 'The Summer Heat' #Evernight #erotic 18+

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When lifelong friends Nate and Evan watch the arrival of a new neighbor, they never expect to find their friendship rocked by the lovely Annabel who moves into the empty house next door.

Annabel likes both Nate and Evan the moment she meets them. As they all grow close, will she be forced to choose between these gorgeous men? 
The Summer Heat, a contemporary erotic romance coming soon from Evernight publishing

Flame Friday snippet:

He was still inside her. Resting on his forearms, he’d captured her there beneath his body to kiss. Little throbs of pleasure ran through his cock, and he sighed as he pulled out of her.
He helped her stand and kissed her again quickly, before he picked her up. An arm around her waist and one under her ass, he snuggled her against his chest.
She slipped her arms around his neck. “I’m too heavy to carry upstairs.”
Nate grinned. “No, you are not, and anyway Evan and I lift weights in the gym a few times a week. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. I’ve seen the way you look at us with our shirts off.” He gave her a soft little bite on her bottom lip.
She nestled against him as he carried her up to her bedroom.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Evernight Publishing All Rights Reserved, soon to be released books

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