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Zach gave her a look filled with amusement. “You’ll be safe I promise. Come on, it’s late, and it’s cold now the rain’s stopped. Get on. It’s a comfy bike.”
Erin wanted to be with him. She wanted to sit behind him and hold his waist. She wanted to press against him. “Okay, but I want you to have the helmet. It looks way too big for me anyway.”
He smiled an alarmingly charming smile. He turned a little to hold her arm and helped her get on the bike. He told her where to put her feet.
“Okay, where to?”
“Primrose Cottage, it’s the last place on the lane.”
Zach put his helmet on the handle bar. “If anything happens we’ll have the same chance. I know the cottage. I’ve passed it. Hold onto me tight and we’ll be there in a flash.”
Erin put her arms around him and snuggled into his back. Her skirt rode up her thighs and she felt the leather seat against them. The whole thing was bizarrely sexy. She wondered if he thought that too. They didn’t go fast, but they were in front of her cottage very quickly. Zach stopped the bike and then looked around at her, turning so that his hip brushed between her legs.
She let go of him.
He gazed at her for a moment.
“My sister told me your name. I’ll walk you to the door, Erin.” He got off the bike by swinging his leg over the front.
His words registered. The young woman she’d thought was his girlfriend was his sister. Hope filled her heart. Erin saw him look intently at her with her skirt up around the top of her thighs and her legs wide open for a few seconds, and then he’d picked her up by the waist and set her on the sidewalk.

“Thank you,” she mumbled, tugging at the hem of her skirt.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 All Rights Reserved
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  1. With an image like that, I'd want to go on a ride with him any day. Great snippet, Elodie.

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  3. I LOVE riding with my husband on his motorcycle! Great snippet!

  4. I like her surprise at how sexy a bike is. Nice snippet.

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  6. I'm scared of riding in motorcycles, but your description might just have swayed me to ride one next time I get an offer.


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