It's summer, white sand, warm blue water and a gorgeous man in #MWTease #TheSummerHeat soon to be released

This is week's Mid Week Tease comes from August 5 release from Evernight Press
The Summer Heat
Evan leaned on the doorframe, looking gorgeous. His faded jeans, ripped near the top of his thigh, showed off a muscle. His eyes darkened as he smiled at her.
“Hi, babe.”

Annabel took his hand and pulled him into the hall. She loved that he called her babe.

He grabbed her around the nape of her neck with his free hand, and bent his head slowly to hers, looking into her eyes all the time, until his mouth was on hers, when his eyes closed. 

She closed her eyes as his kiss sent her drifting into a haze of lust. He pulled his hand from her grasp and cupped a breast through her sundress. His kneading brought her nipple into a peak and made her long to have the other breast fondled. She arched into him and ran her hand down the front of his jeans. His cock already a hard column, she stroked along it with her fingertips.
A huge throb thrilled between her legs as she listened to his low moans.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Evernight Publishing All Rights Reserved

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tease, Elodie, and congrats on your upcoming release of The Summer Heat!

  2. If I wasn't warm before, I am now. Great teaser, Elodie!

  3. Yummy! Congrats on the upcoming book :)

  4. A wicked teaser, Elodie! This is going to be an explosive scene. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my, that was delicious, Miss Tease. :)


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