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From August 16 Hot Ink Press release, 'Love at First Sigh'
The next morning Sara sat working in her home-office when the doorbell rang. She’d been absorbed in her work and forgotten the time, now she ran happily down the hall to answer the door, remembering that all the unpleasant things in the house would soon be fixed.
She opened the front door.
On the doorstep stood the most attractive man she’d ever seen in real life. Tall, he looked down into her face.
“Sara Lincoln? I’m from Handy Hubby Hire, you booked me.” He held up an identification card.
She gazed into his deep blue eyes mesmerized by them and his low, sexy voice. Her heart hammered and she stumbled over the words. “Yes, come in.”
He smiled as he stepped forward.
Sara’s stomach flipped as his gorgeous body passed close to her. She couldn’t help surreptitiously watching him walk into the hall a few steps, before she closed the door. She sighed at the view. A hard muscled ass in his faded jeans, his waist tapered from his muscled back and shoulders, his dark hair tousled at the nape of his delicious neck.
She met his stare when she turned from closing the front door. If someone told her he’d stepped off the cover of a romance novel, she’d believe it. He had the classic, sexy jaw, enhanced with a shade of dark stubble and his mouth, perfect for kissing. Sara gazed at his lips. What would it be like to trace my finger along them, kiss them? Her pussy clenched. Wet heat pooled there and slipped into her panties. A year without touching a man, not even seeing one she’d want to touch, and now this Hire a Hubby stood there like some dream come true.
“I have the list of jobs from the office. If you’d like to show me around, I’ll assess each one, and get started if that’s okay?” His gaze roamed over her face, dipped to take in the rest of her body as he waited for her answer.
Sara saw interest in his eyes. She wasn’t so out of touch that she didn’t recognize when a man liked what he saw. The thought sent a throb through her clit. Her nipples started to harden. She folded her arms across the thin white T-shirt she wore. As he stared into her eyes, she felt sure he broadcast attraction to her. She pulled herself together. “Yes, of course. I’ll start in the kitchen.”

She went around the place and the beautiful man followed.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014  Hot Ink Press All rights reserved.


  1. Well, that's a new way of leading a man on. ;) Great tease, Elodie.

  2. Great tease, Elodie! I love the vibrant cover with the old pickup truck. Very nice!

  3. Oh, I just love that premise, Elodie! :-) Great tease.

  4. Love this fantasy come to life, Elodie :)

  5. and the beautiful man followed. <- you tease. :) The cover definitely matches your title. Very nice. Great snippet, Elodie. :)

  6. Hi SJ, thank you. I made the cover myself and considered the graphic choice for a long time :-)

  7. Hi Reese,
    I love the cover too :-)

  8. Now this is a service I'd like to use!

  9. A hard muscled ass in his faded jeans!!! Oh yeah? Sounds sizzling and exciting!
    Hot tease, Elodie.

  10. It seems she has a very handy hubby. Love the book cover too. Great teaser.


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