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From The Black Lion , July 16 release from Hot Ink Press

Melissa trailed kisses up his face, along his jaw. “I love the night too. Don’t be sad. I knew almost immediately that I would care for you. I feel as if I’ve met my destiny.”
Sascha crushed her to his body in a hug. He kissed her and unzipped her dress. He pulled it down her arms. It gathered around her waist in a blue velvet cloud. He unclipped her bra, and took the straps over her shoulders to reveal her breasts.
As Melissa shrugged off her bra, Sascha trailed kisses down her neck, over the curve of her breasts and to each nipple where he sucked them into peaks.
Melissa ran her fingers into his hair. She kept his face against her breasts.
The softness and the sound of her heartbeat overwhelmed him. He moaned as he licked at her breasts. He lifted her to her feet and the dress drifted to the floor.
Naked before him, Melissa, lifted her arms.
Sascha caught them in one hand. He ran the other hand over her body, tracing the curves with his cool fingertips. He gazed into her eyes. “You’re so beautiful.”
Her lips on his a soft delight, he slid his tongue on hers. He pushed two fingers into her to check her desire. She was drenched for him. His cool fingers coated with her cream, he sighed against her lips.
Melissa writhed to his touch. She sucked on his lip. She traced his tongue with hers. She pulled at her hands to free them.
Sascha let her go with a smile.
She held his hand by the wrist and pulled his fingers from her pussy.
“I want you naked.” She dragged his jacket down his arms.
Sascha finished the job as Melissa pulled his T-shirt up to lick his nipples. The sensation took him by surprise, he growled as spikes of desire tightened his balls.
Melissa yanked down his jeans to his knees, stopping to kiss the head of his cock.
Sascha bent to push off his boots and jeans. He stood to see her watching him, her eyes dark with passion.

He grabbed her to his body, his hand under her ass to grind his hard cock against her mound. His other hand curled around the nape of her neck, trapping the length of her hair, he kissed her hard. Her warmth, her softness, the way she pressed against him, staggered him. All he could think of was having his cock deep inside her warm, wet pussy. He backed her up against the nearby bureau, each small step filled with sexual tension until he thought his nerves would shatter, and his cock explode. He turned her, his fingertips grazing her nipples as they stood out. He bent her, kissed down her back, pushed his fingers into her pussy from behind, to have her cream drip over his palm. “Open your legs. Bend over.”

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Hot Ink Press, All right reserved
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  1. It's getting hot in here... :-D And, Elodie, you always have the most awesome inspiration pics!

  2. Wow. That raised my temperature. Great tease.

  3. Wow...extremely hot. *fans self* Well done, Elodie!

  4. Yum! That was such a sensual snippet. Loved it, Elodie. :)

  5. Thank you, Elodie. ;-) Very sensual moment.

  6. Hot for sure :) Great tease and great pic!

  7. Hot tease and sizzling picture!

  8. Woman, you know hot to heat up a room. Great teaser.


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