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From August 5 release, The Summer Heat

He moaned as he pushed into her.
She held his bare shoulders. Her fingers dug deliciously into them as he pumped his cock up into her slick pussy.
He closed his eyes and fucked her against the wall. His ass tightened as he took both their weight on his thighs. It added to the raw, sexual heat for him.

Annabel nuzzled against his shoulder.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Evernight Publishing,
 All rights reserved August 5 release


  1. That is just so hot and the image completes it. Congrats on your upcoming book.

  2. You know how to turn up the heat, Elodie. And I love that cover :-D

  3. The image is pretty but the words are better. I could feel the wall against her back.

  4. I love that hot words, hot scene... where's the fan...

  5. Loving all your images. Feeling totally inspired and a little jealous :)


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