A strangely named place, a tantalizing signpost, and she's lost to her curiosity #MWTease #shifters #menage

From Swoop On Love an Evernight menage release #MWTease 

Swoop on Love
Lured to the place by its intriguing name, Jeanie was to find no owls lived there, but someone or thing does…will she realize before it’s too late?

Suspense…shifters…sex…and love

Jeanie explores her new neighborhood and finds a strange little road leading to a place with an intriguing name. Owlswick. It’s Saturday and she has no plans, as usual, why not drive down this road? What she finds there is even more fascinating than the place name, and to her delight, a very attractive man lives there. Too bad he’s furious with her for taking a photograph. Why is that? What will Jeanie find when she checks the picture out at home later?
A love story, graphic sex scenes and a twist of fantasy suspense, 18+
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They fell into each other’s arms. Nathan pulled her close and kissed her softly. Jeanie responded to him. She pressed against him with such passion it filled him with a longing he’d not experienced for many years. He drew back from her and rested his forehead against hers. They breathed against each other for a moment before Nathan kissed her again. Down her neck, across her throat, up to her ear, where he lingered and whispered, “You’re so lovely.”
She pushed closer and he cupped her bottom, pulling her in so that she could feel his cock hard against her. It felt so good to press against her, that he lost himself in kissing her. He nibbled her bottom lip. At her gasp of desire, his stomach clenched and his cock jerked. He slid his tongue against hers and kissed her until he couldn’t breathe. Her body felt so right against his, and he savored the taste of her lips, the softness of her ass in his hands. His heart pounded and although he hadn’t set out to, he wanted it all to be real. He thrust against her, ramming her back against her car. She clung to him, murmuring low sounds of pleasure. His cock was so hard he thought he might come right then when she smoothed her hands down the back of his thighs, leaving a trail of heat through his jeans.
He wondered how he could get her to take him home and pushed her T-shirt up so that he could kiss her breasts. He trembled at the thrilling thought of having her nipples in his mouth, and he pulled the lace cup of her bra away. He kissed her lips then left them to swoop on her exposed breast. He opened his mouth to have as much of her breast in there as possible, and closed his eyes as he sucked. His cock strained against his zipper, and with a low moan, he stopped sucking her breast.
She clutched at his head. He kissed her open mouth sucking in the tip of her tongue as it met his. Then she was opening his jeans. His heart beat hard in his chest. If she touched his cock he’d come because it had been so long. He groaned. All he could think of was fucking. He grabbed her hand and moved it away from his zipper. He stopped the kiss reluctantly, his eyes heavy with lust he opened them to look at Jeanie.
“Not here, we’re so close to other cars. Take me home with you.” He didn’t wait for an answer. He kissed her again, and again, raiding her mouth, biting her bottom lip, until she held his face still. He was losing control and the sheer lust tearing him apart shocked him. He moaned as her lips left his to answer him.
“Okay, but we have to stop kissing and get in the car to go home.”
He smiled at her and took a deep breath.
“Yes.” Nathan’s voice shook.
They let go of each other. His hand trembled as he opened the car door, then when Jeanie was inside he walked carefully around to the passenger side. He sat down and looked across at her. She watched him. Her eyes were dark. He closed his against the urge to lunge at her, and drag her face back to his to cover it with wet kisses.
She started the engine and drove slowly out of the car park. The road had few streetlights, and as they left the glow from the restaurant lights behind, Nathan leaned so that he could reach Jeanie and slipped his hand up inside her T-shirt. He found her breast still outside of the lace cup and her nipple was standing up. He smoothed his hand around on her breast. His breath quickened. He rolled her nipple between his fingertips.
She gave a small sound, an “uh” of pleasure. His cock leaked.
He unzipped her jeans, desperate to stroke along her stomach, to feel the soft V at the junction of her thighs as she drove.
She gasped as he trailed his fingers as far down to her pussy as he could.
Uncaring of safety, he unclipped his seat belt, leaning further to kiss under her ear, and then suck her ear lobe. Her low moan enticed him. He probed further with his fingers.
“Nathan, I can’t drive with you doing this.”
Her words woke him from a haze of lust.
Mercifully, they approached Owlswick. He took his hands from her. “Sorry, I need you so much now. I had to touch you. We could stop here. Go past The Art Barn, drive alongside the empty houses.”
Jeanie did as she was told and brought the car to a stop down the driveway of the furthest empty house. She switched off the engine and turned to him.
Nathan brought her face to his and kissed her urgently. “No one will see us here. Let’s get out. I’m desperate to hold you close.” His breathe came in snatches. He ached for her body against his. His desperation ate at his composure. He kissed her hard until his lips hurt.
Her kiss matched his and she bit his bottom lip.
“Let’s get out.” It was a plea through his passion bruised lips. He let her go.
She nodded and opened her car door. She turned back to him, ran her fingers along his jaw, and her touch sent waves of lust straight to his cock.
They kissed softly once more and then both got out of the car.

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  1. What fabulous hot urgency. Yum, Elodie! :)

  2. What an intense, sexy kissing scene, Elodie. There is no doubt of Nathan's urgent desire for Jeanie. Very well done.


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