As summer's end nears I'm clinging onto it in #MWTease Let's visit a quayside cafe

Today's #MWTease is from The Summer Heat, menage romance from Evernight Publishing

Evan sat, an expression of amusement on his face, and then he picked up the coffee Nate had ordered for him, and drank some. “Funny how you still want a coffee, even when the weather is scorching.”
He sounded normal to Nate, so Nate grinned. “Yeah.” He waited for Evan to speak again, and then when Evan remained silent, Nate glanced off into the distance for a few seconds before he spoke. “How are you feeling? I thought that maybe we could watch the game tonight. Have a beer and get things out in the open.”
Evan narrowed his eyes with suspicion. “Not seeing Annabel tonight then? Look, don’t stop seeing her for me. Don’t think you have to keep poor, lonely, Evan company like I’m some lame duck.”
Nate winced. “That’s not it. You’re still my best friend. You think you’re in love with her don’t you? Maybe you are. Ask her out, check out your feelings.”
Evan snorted. “Will you stop? Maybe this, maybe that. I’m not happy about the way I feel. It’s a fucking shock if you must know.”
Nate pushed his coffee cup to one side and leaned close to Evan. “Don’t screw up our friendship. She likes you. We’ve said she gave us both come on signals. Test it out. Don’t storm off from where you live to a houseboat on the river.” He cast around for the right words as he compared the usually happy, even-tempered way Evan met life with his outburst. “This isn’t like you. Hell, Evan, frankly I’m … distraught.”
Evan silently stared into Nate’s eyes, until Nate looked away.
He traced a wrinkle in the blue checked tablecloth with his finger. “Evan, I’m just saying. I love her, but I could stand to see you with her, too. You’ve noticed she’s attracted to you. We could both see her. It happens.”
Evan stood abruptly, gave Nate a look of incredulity, and then stormed off along the seafront toward his boat sheds. His coffee cup rattled on the saucer as the table shook from the force of his departure.

Nate took a deep breath. Well, that went just fucking great. About to return to his office, he froze when Evan strode back and dragged the chair to the table from the yard or so away he’d tossed it on leaving.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Evernight Publishing All Rights Reserved
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  1. Great tease, Elodie. I loved Evan's initial reaction to Nate's proposal. I love to see characters working through internal angst.

  2. Eep -- that's not good. Hopefully Evan will calm down!

  3. Oh-ho. There may be hope yet. Great tease, Elodie. :)

  4. Great tease, this sharing thing isn't always easy for the guys!

  5. Weird teaser, Elodie! Evan is in shock. A menage is in the offing. Crazy lot! Lol!

  6. Hi Elodie! I agree, I like that there is going to be a working through and getting used to the idea period for the guys. Deep and intense tease!


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