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Author SJ Maylee invited me to the hop and posted her character post last week, read it here.

Today meet Drew from the story, Clip my Wings within Confessions of a Sex Addict.

Hi Drew, tell us something about the book you have a role in.

Thank you for inviting me here.
I'm in the story, Clip my Wings, which is about how I'm addicted to sex and details my conquests, but there's a happy ending for me. I can't go into that as it would be a spoiler.
Confessions of a Sex Addict is a book of four stories tied together by a narrator. The stories sure sizzle and yet there's love spread throughout too.

Drew, why does the title of this post sound as if you are some type of wizard?

Oh yeah, (smiles) that's because there's loads of magic in my story. My best friend and the girl I share a home with has a shop in New Orleans that sells magic spells and potions. It sells other things too, but Marianne, that's her name is descended from women who were what you might call real witches. Her mom preferred to be called a spell weaver but there you go. 

Do you mind people knowing you're a sex addict?

No that's part of the story. 

What is it about sex that you love so much?

You're kidding right, no, okay well I love women, their softness, their skin against mine. I love to trace along their waist and hip, the shape, the feel of their gorgeous ass as I grab a handful. Breasts are divine, just the feel of a nipple under my fingertips drives me insane. I want to suck and knead and drag their clothes off to rub my mouth along their neck. Hell don't tell me that sex isn't the best thing ever between a man and woman, or whoever your preference turns you to. If you love someone that adds a special something, but seriously sex is like a gift, and that's how I like to treat my ladies too. They're gifts. I'm caring, so don't think I'm not. I give them the best time I can and they come back for more so I guess I'm doing something right.

Wow, so you're not in love then, because you're not the faithful type by the sounds of it.

(Looks hurt and runs hands through hair.)
If the person I love, loved me back I'd never even look at another woman. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this woman. I ache to make love to her, dream about her...this is painful.

Tell us about your job, what do you do?

I help Marianne with the  shop, do tours around the New Orleans sights,  and I'm a sound engineer, and I'm often hired to work on the many movies and TV shows that are filmed in New Orleans and surrounds. It's a good life. I get to work in both my loves. I earn a good salary when I'm with a movie or TV show and I've put a lot into Marianne's shop and the house, because we've known each other for years and she needed help there. It's my pleasure to help her in any way. We bought the next door stores when they went out of business. I had it all renovated and knocked into one big place. Marianne was delighted. That made me happy. 

Let's have some quick questions, just answer with the first idea that comes into your head.

(Grins) Really, this could be fun or horrible

Jeans or a suit?
Jeans mostly but suits when I need to
Shorts or briefs?
Is this about underwear? Okay so boxers and shorts.
Leather jacket or denim jacket?
Hell, I have both and wear them both, do we have to go on?
Favorite food
I guess I'm a guy who will eat most things that taste good. I even eat fruit. (laughs)

We don't seem to be getting much out of you Drew. Is that because you have put up a wall around you as an addict? Is that because you hide your true self?

Actually I don't hide it. Everyone I know calls me a player, even Marianne, and all the girls I make love to. Hey I'm in demand, truth be told, although I do crave sex most of the time, I do try to be kind, gentle, tender. I can't settle down with anyone, that's because I'm still hoping to be loved by the one I love. 

Okay, describe yourself.
Dark hair, blue eyes, tall, I work out so I guess I'm in good shape. I like music, and listen to is as I drive around. I'm friendly, helpful... what else? I like animals, but when Marianne's old cat died she wouldn't get another.

What plans do you have for appearing in another story?
I think my story is told and more than likely there'll be no follow up. You gotta read the story to know why. (smiles)

Thank you for coming along today, Drew. Choose an excerpt for us before you go.

(Gets up and kisses my cheek.)
Thank you for inviting me. I hope I haven't left a bad impression. You're so pretty by the way. I left some flowers in reception for you. Come over to the shop sometime, Marianne will fix you up with any spell or potion you want. Read my story, it will tell you more about me than anything else. I don't want you to think I'm some awful person. (smiles his gorgeous smile and walks off)

5 star new release,  #confessions
"When I first saw the title of this book, I thought it would be too lurid for me. To my surprise, this book is comprised of four well written HOT erotic romance stories... 

The characters are well written. The story lines offer a chance for love, magic & potions, secrets and an illicit work place romance."

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Here's Drew's excerpt.

He turned from the mirror, ran his hands through his thick dark hair, and padded to his armoire. Drew flicked the hangers along absently. He paid no attention to the clothes hanging there. His mind tumbled with luscious memories of the night before, to a young woman, whose name he couldn’t remember, with her thighs open to his hungry gaze and his fingertips. Her panties, just a scrap of black lace, revealed the contours of her sex as they caught in her damp slit. He loved the scent of arousal as he peeled the panties from her, loved the bare, wet welcome of her pussy as he bent to lap at her folds, and suck on her delicious clit. Drew sighed, recalling how he’d soaked up the accelerating sighs and throaty sounds of pleasure as he pumped his fingers in her. God damn, I love sex, love the smell, the rush, the overwhelming waves of pleasure…it’s not an addiction…I just love sex is all. His cock stirred at the pictures in his head.

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