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I'm teasing from The Black Lion today (my July 16 release from Hot Ink Press)

When Melissa fleetingly meets Sascha in a nightclub, she hopes he will approach her.
Sascha has secrets and it’s a long time since there was a woman in his life.
Unknown to both of them someone watches jealously.
Will this jealousy stop the budding romance between two people who both have something to hide?
An erotic, paranormal romance, full of surprises.

Here's the tease:
Sascha burned with fear for Melissa. He groaned in pain at the thought of her becoming Fonteyn’s meal. A huge shudder went through him. He tore into the nightclub not even a blur to the doorman nor the patrons. His presence like a breeze, moved the frilly cuffs of Goth shirts, ruffled tendrils of long hair, put ripples in satin evening dresses, and he picked the young woman up. He flew with her so fast her hair streamed out behind her, her cry of surprise and fear was lost in the night. The small evening bag on its gilt chain draped across her body, bounced against her hip.
Sascha stopped running only when he was halfway home. He settled on a rooftop and looked around. He held the Melissa close to his chest. He dropped a kiss on the top of her head.
“Don’t be afraid. I’m saving you from someone who meant to harm you.” He raised his head and breathed in the night. Identifying smells and sifting through sounds in search of Fonteyn. There was no sign that he’d followed…no sign at all. Sascha placed the trembling woman on the felt membrane of the flat roof. They stood behind a sign. Huge letters cut from wood were anchored to the edge of the roof. Sascha could tell it read Happy Inn.
“Melissa, please don’t be afraid. I had to do this. My name is Sascha.”
Her eyes wide, she stared at him.
He picked her up and looked around. The next roof had a small table and chairs on it. Strings of tiny, colored fairy lights blinked around a door in a wall. Someone lived over the top of the neighboring business. He leapt to the next roof. Strode to the table and chairs, sat on one and brought Melissa onto his knee. He cradled her there against his chest.
Sascha felt her shaking. His arm tightened around her and with the other hand, he stroked her hair, her cheek. “Shush…shush…you’re safe with me. Safe…” He whispered the words even as his cock hardened at the feel of her soft ass against his thighs. Even though his breath caught in his throat as he fought down the need to kiss her. Devastate her with kisses. Strip her naked, spread her legs, and suck on her cream until it ran down his chin. He swallowed the scent of her now. He sensed only a little fear in her. Something else made her shake. She wasn’t easy to read, unless his heightened emotions were in the way. He rocked her gently. His hand slipped through her hair and he held her head to his chest. “Melissa, I had to do this, please…I’ll explain, but it will be scary. What I tell you will be shocking.” A fleeting thought furrowed his brow, if being carried at enormous speed is shocking enough.
He rocked her.
She put a hand on his chest to push away from him. “Tell me. It’s okay. I’m not afraid.”
Sascha’s eyes closed for a few seconds. A rush of desire tightened his stomach at the sound of her voice and touch of her hand.
“You’re shaking.”
She shook her head. “Not with fear.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 All Rights Reserved
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  1. HOT! Love the cover, too. :) It's very retro.

  2. I do love a hot vamp. Great tease, Elodie :-)

  3. Oh Elodie! I loved one of your previous teases from this so much I bought this and read it in one sitting. Especially loved this scene and fell head over heels for your Sascha.

  4. Love this story, its so different.

  5. Love this tease, Elodie. I especially like what it reveals about your hero.


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