Planet Alpha #newrelease erotic #Sci-Fi romance from Evernight and J.J Lore

As two Alphan warriors on the fast track to promotion and improved status, Mikel and Felix of the Tauride have their future planned out. They intend to go from performing security duties for the Prince while he visits Earth to eventually earning the right to seek out their human mate and rescue her in some dramatic way, impressing her and earning her love. But a chance encounter with a lovely young woman sends them both down a markedly different path. 

Shy Alisa Sorrel merely wanted to see a rose garden, then retreat back to her safe and sequestered life in the Women’s Refuge on Earth, but once she encounters two earnest and determined Alphan officers, she’s forced out of her shell and into a whole new world of passion. 

Even as the bonds they share tighten and satisfy needs they’d never imagined, Alisa, Felix, and Mikel are soon faced with danger and betrayal from the machinations of humans and Alphans alike. The Alphans will have the chance to rescue their fair damsel after all, but will they make it in time?

Read an excerpt:
Felix was done with caution and care. Mikel was so wound in nerves he wouldn’t be of any use unless directed to take on a platoon of Xyrans with only an ironwood club, and Alisa was fluttering and wavering enough to drive him mad. Time to assume command of this tiny cohort and get to the business at hand. With that decisive thought, he grabbed Alisa’s fingers and tugged her from the utility room back into the bedroom. She followed with a squeak and stood where he placed her, right in front of the bed.
Without taking his gaze from her, he pulled off his tunic and undershirt, then kicked off his boots, which smacked into the wall opposite. Alisa flinched but didn’t look away, and he knew with a flush of triumph that she wasn’t going to run no matter how he might provoke her. She might want to seem meek and shy, but that was a lie put to rest by her bright eyes and quickened breath. Felix knew Mikel was standing close behind, could sense his bondmate’s rising excitement, but now what mattered was convincing Alisa to release herself from whatever fear was holding her back. In that aim, he stepped close and caught up her hand again, pressing it to the center of his chest where she could feel his heat, his strength, the way his heart pounded for her. Her little fingers were soft and cool, quivering against his skin in a way that made every centimeter of skin on his body long for her touch.
“This is for you, Alisa, if you care to take it.” He growled out the words in his most ferocious tone of command. She swallowed hard and jerked her chin up. “We will never hurt you.”
“You aren’t going to make me—”
“Never. Choose us.” He was too anxious and roused to use more persuasive words, to keep making light conversation as they circled and circled round the primal question. Her eyes widened. “Do you deny the attraction between us?”
She had to feel it even if she didn’t understand how monumental it was to Mikel and him. She’d come to learn, and from what he’d heard it simply took human women a bit longer to accept the bonding ties. Human men weren’t equipped to be so irrevocably bound to another, but Alphans treasured such connections.
“I find you both very … magnetic. I’ve just never done this before.” Her words tumbled out in a whispered rush before she tightened her full pink lips like she’d said a foul word. Felix couldn’t hold back the grin signaling his happiness. She wanted them, but was just unsure as to proceed. 
“All we want to do is please you,” Mikel whispered as he drew closer to her. He pulled at his own tunic and undershirt, baring himself before her, and Alisa glanced back and forth between them before tentatively reaching out to touch his bondmate’s exposed chest. With a shuddering sigh, she stroked her hands along their muscles, tracing her fingers into the hair that covered them, soft palms stroking across their dinap. The physical sensation, combined with the relief that she was finally responding, threatened to overwhelm him.

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J. J. Lore needs three things; strong, black coffee, time to write, and…well…you can guess the third. When she isn’t inventing fantastical tales filled with passionate people, she’s shaking sriracha on whatever she’s eating or reading about the Justinian plague. For updates on her erotic romance releases, visit her at She’s also on Facebook at , Goodreads at Amazon at and Twitter @JJLore1

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