Naughty Bedtime #anthology release from Hot Ink Press #NSFW #erotic

 Nothing tastes as good as naughty feels...

Elodie Parkes-Serendipity from the anthology Naughty Bedtime Stories

When Lizzie goes Christmas shopping on the first day off work she has in a month, she looks for great gifts to give her sister and her mom. She visits the biggest department store in town with the best lingerie department. Lizzie is convinced she'll find something special there. She doesn't realize just how special. 
Ryan is browsing in the same shop, anxious to cheer up his sick sister with a pretty gift. He's certain he'll find it in the lingerie department. Overwhelmed by the choices on offer, he looks around for someone to help him choose and notices Lizzie...
A story of serendipity, lust, and love. 

Read an excerpt from Serendipity: 

       Lizzie clung to him. Every inch of her skin tingled, overwhelmed. His overcoat sleeves warm around her waist, the bulge in his pants hard against her stomach, the sexy rasp of his jaw on her cheek as he rubbed his nose against hers, and she moaned.

         He drew back to look into her eyes. “If you need me as much as I need you, let me know. Tell me what to do, because I won’t force or hurt you,” he murmured, and quickly kissed her.

       Lizzie slowly moved her lips over his, to feel his mouth, the perfect shape of his lips, and the softness of kisses she’d missed so badly. She kissed him soaking up the pleasure, savoring it, as sexual need surged up her body.
“I do need you. I want you. How…where?”

      Ryan’s voice was low and barely audible. “Here and now.” He loosened his hold on her ass, turned with her in his arms, and then let go. He unzipped his pants and pushed them down his thighs.

       A gasp escaped Lizzie when she saw his cock, big, hard, and such a perfect shape, so enticing, she held herself back from kneeling and licking all the way along it.

       He moved the garter belt on its hanger to the floor and sat on the brocade stool. He held out his arms.

      Lizzie pulled her panties off and left them on the carpet. She stepped into his arms, bending to slide her hands over his shoulders, and meet his delicious lips with hers.
The gentle stroke of his fingers up her inner thighs sent more cream rushing to her pussy.
She muffled a groan against his lips.

      His fingertips inched into her, then pushed deeper.

      She kissed his mouth, sucked his bottom lip. “I need…”

     “I know,” he murmured as he lifted her to straddle him.

     Lizzie grasped his cock. The feel of him, granite hard with satin skin brought her nipples in high peaks through the gaps in the lace of her bra. She guided him into her pussy and slipped down on his cock until every luscious inch filled her.

     He groaned against her mouth.

     Her stomach tensed at the sex in his voice. “Someone will hear.” She put her hand over his mouth.

     He smiled against it and grabbed her hips to help her rock on his cock.

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