This week's #MWTease is from #WIP 'Rescuing Cade' #romance

Rescuing Cade is the working title for this erotic romance WIP

Something strange happened to Cade when Jayne dumped him. Every scrap of confidence he owned disappeared just like the dew on the grass in a blaze of morning sun. Cade felt scorched. Her parting words still burned in his heart.
“You’re hopeless in bed.”
Cade considered her declaration once again as he stared out with unseeing eyes across the wide expanse of river from his corner office in the prestigious tower block. He put down his coffee cup. “Hopeless.” He said it aloud, tasting the bitterness in the finality of the word. “If she’d said, bad, or not very good, but hopeless, it indicates I couldn’t even improve.”
Cade stood and wandered to the huge pane of glass that was the left side of his office wall. He rested his forehead on it and sighed. Today he felt more melancholy than ever. Today was his anniversary. One year ago today, Jayne dumped him. The engagement ring she’d pressed into his hand before she swept out of their apartment was still on the bookshelf where he’d dropped it as tears filled his eyes.

He was ashamed he’d cried, but even now a year later, he saw the busy road far below as a blur. Cade hadn’t dated since the break-up. At first, he couldn’t because truth was, he still loved Jayne, and then he couldn’t because he had no confidence that any woman would want him. She might at first, and then when it comes to my hopeless performance in bed she’ll high tail it quick smart. Cade moved back from the window and saw his breath had made a patch of white on the glass. He wrote the word ‘hopeless’ in the cloud on the window.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 All Rights Reserved
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  1. Wow. It's unusual to find a hero who doubts his worth. Very original idea, Elodie. Great tease. :)

  2. I really got caught up in his melancholy and I love the premise. Looking forward to more.

  3. I want to hug him right now. Such an unusual hero and so unique too. Awesome tease!

  4. That opening paragraph is pure magic, Elodie. Simply perfection. And I love that the hero is suffering from a lack of confidence about his abilities in the bedroom. I need you to finish this soon so that I can read Cade's story.

  5. Oh Elodie, I feel for him so badly. But if Jane is his heroine, I have a feeling maybe her meaning of hopeless had a different significance than what he thinks. Maybe it's a good hopeless? That's what I'm hoping for. Sweet man. This is so interesting. I hope to get to read more teases from Cade.

  6. Oh! Cade needs a good hug and a kiss right now. I see a woman with a heart of gold waltzing into his life to rescue him from his battered ego. Perefcet tease, Elodie.

  7. Oh, poor Cade, I want to give him a big hug. I hope he finds the right woman soon.

  8. Cade, Cade, Cade. *Hugs* Wonderful tease!


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