#CoverReveal contemporary #romance Candy Hearts is going to have a new cover #erotic #NSFW excerpt and why I re-designed the cover

Cover Reveal  
I decided to design a  new cover for Candy Hearts  a contemporary, erotic romance, published by Hot Ink Press. 

Tom found a new job, but can he find love?

Working in a surf coast hotel seems like the remedy for his previous unhappiness, but as Valentine’s Day approaches, Tom realizes he’s lonely, and looks around for someone to love.

I'd always had my doubts about the cover for this love story, because I featured my heroine rather than my hero and most of the story is in Tom, my hero's, POV. I thought I'd remedy that and combed the stock sites for different graphics.
A blogger friend of mine had a theory about why I choose the female model for the original cover, she said it's because she reminded me of myself LOL and that it was halo effect.
It's true we do look very similar, although she would be younger. I then had her thinking about Tom as she sat at the coffee shop table in the original cover. 

I wanted the new cover to feature Tom, after all it really is his story.

Candy Hearts
Hot Ink Press release short on kindle, http://a-fwd.com/asin-com=B00IFG1FVY
"...we are talking about Elodie Parkes so, of course, the sex between these two is off the charts. Maybe it is because they secretly pined after each other for months or maybe it will always be that way for Tom and Serena, but they burn up the sheets together. This was a great short story, filled with so much emotion I was sad when it ended so quickly." 4 shining stars from Readers' Favorite reviews.
Here's the new cover, expect it to appear on the story around January 7, 2015

Read an excerpt #NSFW erotic romance

Tom closed his eyes. Her lips were soft and invited more kisses. He held her tight against his lower body, cupping her bottom to press his cock against her. The pressure made him want more. He left a hand along the back of her thigh to keep her pressed against him, and then moved the other to hold her head. Her hair was silk in his hand. Her lips parted under his for his tongue. Tom groaned when she rubbed her stomach against his cock as his tongue touched hers. He felt the haze of lust creep over him.

She arched her body away from him, her mouth still against his.

He felt her hands on his pants zip.

She was opening it.

Tom’s breath caught as her fingers probed the top of his shorts. He let go of her thigh to move and give her room to touch his cock. Desperation to have her hand grasp his cock made him sigh. He slipped his hand from her hair and found the back zipper of her dress, yanking it down as her fingers curled around his cock.

Her lips still close to his, Tom felt her breath tease his mouth as she moved her face back a little, and bit his bottom lip.
Electricity buzzed along his balls and up his stomach at the pressure of her hand on his cock and the tease of her teeth on his lip. He thrust his cock into her hand, moaning softly. He pulled her dress down her shoulders. He couldn’t get it very far but at least it uncovered the tops of her breasts and her lace bra. Tom unclipped her bra as he kissed her. He sucked her bottom lip and grazed it with his teeth as he pushed her bra down and grabbed her breasts.

His eyes were closed with lust. His hips thrust as if he’d lost control. He kneaded her breasts to feel the softness in his hands and kissed her as if his life depended upon it. His legs were starting to feel like jelly. His cock was so hard it leaked in Serena’s palms. Tom rolled her nipples in his fingers with a sigh. They pebbled and he ran his hands over them. He stopped kissing her.

“Serena…let’s go to bed or something…I’m about to fall down.”

She took her hands from his cock.

The loss made him groan.

She pulled her dress down her arms and hips, before stepping out of it. She shrugged her bra off and stood before him in a garter belt, stockings, and tiny panties.

Tom stared at her beautiful body in awe. He reached for her hips, just made for him to grab and drag her back to him. He kissed her, but she wriggled away.

She took his tie and jacket off him as she looked into his eyes. 
Tom helped with his shirt, pulling it over his head when she’d unbuttoned it halfway down. His cock was huge and heavy. His balls tingled. His thighs were weak. He pushed his suit pants and shorts off, taking his socks and shoes with them.

As he did this, Serena stroked his back. Her fingertips reached the crack of his ass and she trailed along it to tease at the underside of his balls as he bent. His stomach muscles clenched so hard that his cock jerked away and back. Tom’s breath came in gasps with the desperate need to fuck.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Hot Ink Press 

2015, A Year for Magic, #blog hop #magichappens2015 hopes and dreams

2015, A Year for Magic

What do I hope for in 2015? What are my dreams?

I don't want to talk about the hope for world peace and the eradication of disease and poverty. I don't want to talk about better treatment for animals and the environment. Naturally those wishes are always at the back of my mind.

For this blog, I'm going to talk about some little personal hopes and wishes.

As an author I hope to have the time to write the stories that crowd my mind presently, all clamoring to be written, but many unlikely to be written.
The dream is that time will, for once, be on my side. 
I seem to have so little time for writing. My time is filled with the seemingly constant need to market my product. Time to write has become such a luxury it's almost a guilty pleasure. I've begun to think I'm doing something wrong that marketing takes up three quarters of any time I have left over from my day job. The amusing or sad fact is that most of my marketing is fruitless. Maybe I should just give it up in the face of the horrendous new statistics on the flooded publishing industry. 
The sprinkle of magic for me will be that I retrieve the joy I had in writing a story, and simply enjoy it, rather than allow the pressure of marketing to send me running from writing. 
The dream is that more of my stories will reach readers.

Ultimately what I write are love stories. They reflect my own hope and need for a HEA in life. 
One of my stories currently on the simmer is, The Confession Box.
It's 16K words in and has taken a back seat over the last two weeks since I picked up some extra shifts at work, great for paying the rent, but not for writing the story. You can read a snippet here. The story is all about love and magic.

I'd like to end with a short list of hopes.
I hope for more kindness among people for each other. I hope for more focus on the lovely things, such as flowers and streams, rivers and oceans. Let's show off the beauty of life. I hope for less daily stress on people and less angst. I hope for magic in 2015. 

So take a glass of champagne and let's raise it. To magic touching everyone with love and kindness in 2015. Happy New Year.

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#TingleTuesday and #TeaserTuesday from erotic fantasy #romance new releases #amwriting

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Candle Magic , Siren Publishing
$3.15  launch special only until DEC 30 

Download right to your kindle or choose ePub, PDF etc

AND from A Fairy Tale Romance

The white Corvette stood in the driveway. Solar lights were sparse in the surrounding garden. Did she hear water? A trickle and a weak splash reached her ears. The moonlight, though bright, didn’t light her way very well, and yet she went toward the sound. A spike of fear went right through her when she saw the bear. She came upon the fountain from the side, and in the gloom of only a handful of garden lights, the bear looked so real, fright weakened her legs. Then she realized it was a statue.
Grace inched toward it. The thing was huge and even though made of stone it held a power and presence that set her heart pounding. 

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Evernight Publishing

Muse Monday #romance #amwriting character names #mancandy

I'm often asked about how I get my ideas for stories I write and honestly I often have no clue. The idea just drops into my mind. 
Having said that, I still sometimes want to picture my hero other than via what he says, and does.
Names are different. They generally stem from what I know about my characters and the story that I always know in advance.

So what influences me the most when it comes to naming my male characters?

Their personality, and sometimes what they are, for instance if they are paranormal  characters. My vampire in A Little Mysterious needed to have a lovely exotic name-Dhruv. My ancient vampire in The Black Lion, Sascha, needed a soft, romantic name since he is, but his enemy who is not as ancient is called Fonteyn.
My contemporary young men in The Summer Heat, Nate and Evan, just guys names, but attractive names like them.
Starr Forrester the enigmatic, Ash, in The Winter Girl, needed to be influenced by magic and so he has a more exotic name.
The lovely, Jason, in Candle Magic is a character half way between angel and spirit, a young man who messed with magic and found himself cast into the ether. He needed a name that had mythological connections. 
In A Fairy Tale Romance, I have Thorn, the newly impoverished and gorgeous Prince. I though a fitting name for a cursed and lonely man.
I do need to name my characters before I start writing. If I know their stories and their names are not quite right, I will wait until they tell me their names. 

#MuseMonday #Mancandy for romance readers and writers #hotbods
I'd love to give some credits for these pictures, but they're ones that have circulated around social media sites for a long time and have lost names or source information.

Just love ripped jeans and open or no shirt.

From Siren and guest #author Clare Dargin, 'Merry "Chris" Mas' #matchmaking #erotic romance new release


AVAILABLE: Wednesday, December 24th

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 31st

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Jilly Reimers wants love but can't find it. Chris Spinell is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who suffers from PTSD and a haunting feeling that something is missing in his life. Chris Poole is also an Afghanistan war veteran is ready to break out of his shell but is unsure how.

With Christmas just around the corner, they decide not to spend it alone. Believing The Love Play Matchmaking Service to be just what they need for a night of fun and passion, they sign up. But when the guys show up and see that they've been set up on a menage, the only one happy about it is Jilly. 

Their consultant, called an Eros, assures Jilly that the service has a perfect track record but she's certain they'll be the first ones to get their money back. Will they have a very merry Christmas? Or will the three spend yet another one alone?

A Siren Erotic Romance
Read an Excerpt 18+

Chris S. slipped her undies over her round hips. They slid down her baby-like skin, exposing her shaved mound. More blood flowed to his dick, making whimper.

“God,” he said, fighting tears.

Through gritted his teeth and clenched his eyes, he forced himself to maintain control. It was getting to be damn near impossible. Everything about her was fucking outstanding. Lips, breasts, skin and pussy. He was ready to fill her pussy with his thick, hard dick.

He slid his finger into the folds of her wet interior. The thin crease surrounded by supple labia oozed moisture from her tight and tiny hole. He slid a finger inside her hole, and her taut muscles quivered at his touch.

“You want it?” he asked.

She moaned “yes” before being silenced by the other Chris’s mouth. He inched her legs apart. Moving in just right, he tasted her. Explosions went off in his brain. She was pure, simple, clean and honeyed. He wanted to mark her as his own. Delving his tongue in and out of her tight hole, he held her still, allowing her juices to saturate his mouth.

Lifting her legs, he opened her wider, curling her upward, burying his face in her mound. His breaths increased as his heart rate grew frantic. His hard dick, standing at full scale attention, threatened to bust a nut if he didn’t stop.

Pulling away, he set her down gently. “Got to go get a condom.”

The other Chris looked up, his eyes equally as dazed as he felt.

She swallowed, seeming breathless. “My bag, by the wall.”

The time for being cool had passed. Quicker than he’d wanted and less suave, he dashed toward it, finally seeing the stash. Grabbing the entire lot, along with a bottle of lubricating gel, he opened the box and pulled out two, handing one to Chris and keeping the other for himself. Setting it aside, he removed his shorts, exposing his aching dick to the room’s cool air. He grimaced as he slid the latex over his shaft. It hurt with a pain that would only be relieved by what Jilly had to offer. He squeezed the gel, which had the scent of strawberries, onto his palm. He fisted his hand and soaked his condom-wrapped rod with the smooth, thick liquid. The mere pressure of his hand gave him some relief, albeit short.

“Me first,” he said, climbing onto the bed.

Calming himself, he lay down beside her and turned her on her side. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close. He spread her legs apart as she tilted her pelvis back. She melded her body to his. There was so much of her he wanted, not only her body, but her soul, mind, and yes, even her heart.

He took a hand and placed himself at her entrance. Slowly he pushed inside. He grunted and made himself hold back, lest he spill at that moment.

She was so tight. No doubt about it. This was going to be a short run. Inch by inch, he slid inside of her, stopping at the root. His balls drew in tight. He shifted her close and moved in and out slowly. Each movement became stronger as his control slipped. He needed the release, the kind that would give his aching balls sweet relief. Back and forth his hips moved inside her. She wriggled and moaned in response. Their mouths met briefly, tongues swirling, causing his stomach and heart to flutter. He increased his thrusts. Finding his target, she keened her delight.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Don’t stop.”

She pushed her ass toward him.

“Baby, I’m going to come.”

“Come, honey. Come.”

He grunted, harder and harder. Sliding his hand down to her hard clit, he rubbed it as his panting increased. Pressure built up behind his eyes, his mind went blank as everything in the world seemed to fall away. He couldn’t stop. Harder and harder he pushed, holding her firm and tight.

With light speed, he cried out, “God!” His hips bucked upward while cum poured out of him.

Slightly dizzy, he held onto her before letting her go. “Are you all right?”

Her kiss eased the butterflies threatening to kill the moment. Sliding out of her, he sighed, relieved. He gazed into her eyes. Instantly he felt the completed connection he’d sensed along. She was the one. And he saw that she felt it too.

* * * *

Jilly recovered her breath as Chris P. gathered her up into his arms. His musky scent was so spicy and inviting. She buried her face in the crook between his shoulder and neck. She was ready.

“On your back,” he said, holding her.

She nodded.

“Tell me if I’m hurting you,” he said, whispering in her ear.

From her tall Adonis, she was ready to receive all he gave her. Trust welled up within her heart. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her.

Placing her on back like she weighed nothing but a feather, he positioned himself on top of her. A lock of his blond hair obscured his face. She opened her legs. She felt his solid, round tip prod her hole. Panting, he pushed inside of her, his raw strength causing her pussy to clench. Each muscle spasmed to accommodate his thick and meaty cock. She cried out along with him. He braced himself.

About Clare:

Clare Dargin is an author of Science Fiction and Romance and has been writing stories all of her life before being published in 2007. She’s a great fan of the two genres and loves promoting them.

An educator by profession, she possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in English from a major mid-western university. She presently resides in the Midwest and she hopes to expand her writings to include non-fiction, historical romance, and contemporary novels. 

#SexySnippets a little something with your coffee #romance #Evernight

Sexy Snippets are seven sentences, taken from a work in progress, or published book, brought to you every Sunday.

Thorn held her close and kissed her. Elated, he picked her up afterwards and spun her around to stop next to a group of large rocks pockmarked by the tide around their base.
She clung to him smiling.
Taking a chance, he sat down with her on the sand between the rocks so that she straddled him. He positioned her so that her pussy pressed along the rigid column of his cock, and held out his hands to hold hers. That feels so great, but I hope I’ve not taken things too far. He couldn’t let the feeling go, couldn’t shuffle her along so that his cock wasn’t there pressing against her, and growing by the second.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014
Evernight Publishing All Rights Reserved

#SnippetSaturday A #sexy look at a new release #romance #sirenbookstrand 'I always go commando'

He lifted her from his knee and she set her on the carpet. “That sounds good.”
As Simi walked ahead of him, he slapped her ass. It made her jump and a little squeal flew from her mouth. She spun around with a grin. “Hey.”
Jason caught her to him. “I know you’re not wearing any panties. It’s incredibly sexy.”
She enjoyed the way his eyes darkened at her. “I’ll get some from my room.” She eased away from him.
He held onto her wrist. “Don’t you dare.”
Simi smiled mischievously. “I’ve been meaning to ask you. Where’s your underwear?”
He shrugged. “I always go commando.”
A laugh burst from Simi’s mouth at the innocent expression on his face. She clasped his hand. “Come on, let’s get that coffee.”

Copyright Elodie Parkes Siren Publishing 2014 All Rights Reserved
 Read more as Candle Magic is featured in Muse Magazine, click on the pic to go to the magazine

New release for your Christmas treat 
Candle Magic
When Simi finds a pretty old candlestick among the discarded props in the PR company storeroom, she never imagines it can grant her dearest wish. There’s something mysterious about the carved candlestick that’s almost scary, but Simi is drawn to it.
A Siren Erotic Romance
 $3.15  launch special http://www.bookstrand.com/candle-magic
Download right to your kindle or choose ePub, PDF etc
A contemporary fantasy romance to make you tingle. 

So Christmas shopping is over for another year but not for Lizzie, #FlameFriday #romance excerpt is from Serendipity : Naughty Bedtime Stories

Serendipity a story within the anthology from Hot Ink Press

When Lizzie goes Christmas shopping on the first day off work she has in a month, she looks for great gifts to give her sister and her mom. She visits the biggest department store in town with the best lingerie department. Lizzie is convinced she'll find something special there. She doesn't realize just how special. 
Ryan is browsing in the same shop, anxious to cheer up his sick sister with a pretty gift. He's certain he'll find it in the lingerie department. Overwhelmed by the choices on offer, he looks around for someone to help him choose and notices Lizzie...
A story of serendipity, lust, and love. http://smarturl.it/NaughtyBedtime-HIP

A strange feeling waved over Lizzie, as if all her strength melted away when his fingers touched hers. It confused her. His question startled her. She’d expected him to turn on his heel and depart to the sales counters. Deep down she’d love to have his company. It was so tempting the words came out of her mouth before she’d thought them through. “I’m looking for a Christmas present for my mom.”

He dazzled her with his smile. “Sounds good, sorry, I’m being rude. I’m Ryan.” He held out his free hand.

She might collapse in a damp heap if she actually shook hands with him, but she held out her hand anyway, and waited for the onslaught of sensation. “I’m Lizzie.”

He took her hand in his, gripped it firmly, and gazed into her eyes. “Good to meet you, Lizzie.

She couldn’t even smile. Her hand in his strong, cool grip, blazed with jolts of sensation that burst up to her nipples, and brought them into peaks, begging for his fingertips. A huge throb ran through her pussy, and Lizzie pulled her hand away from his. It must be obvious I want him.

His gorgeous brown eyes filled with emotion as he gazed at her for a whole minute.

Captivated, she stared right back into his eyes. He’s so gorgeous. He likes me too…he does. Wow. The idea filtered through her daze of lust. Exhilaration brought her voice back and she remembered her shopping list.
“Good to meet you too, Ryan. I want something for my mom, black and sexy, but classic.” She led the way to the rows of black lingerie.

A sales assistant waylaid her. “Can I help you today, ma’am?”
Lizzie smiled her thanks. “I’m fine, thank you.”

The assistant turned her attention to Ryan. “Will I pop those items into a changing booth for your wife, sir?”

He answered the store saleswoman with a smile. “I’m still looking, but thanks.”

Lizzie turned away, a grin flickering on her face. Is he still looking for a wife or lingerie? He hadn’t denied she was his wife, and it brought a glow of pleasure. She chose an ankle-length, black satin nightdress for her mom and checked the size.

Ryan stood close. Silent now, he waited beside her.

Lizzie felt his gaze on her. She didn’t have to check to know he watched her. The space between them magnetic with mutual attraction, she felt drawn to him. She turned to Ryan and saw something in his eyes she’d never expected.

His expression was incredibly tender, as if he’d known her for a long time, as if he already cared for her.

She moved closer to him. Her body just did its own thing. Her breasts suddenly heavy as she pictured his mouth on them, delicious pulses in her pussy set her dreaming of his fingers pushing into her. She stopped herself from standing on tiptoe and kissing him, just as he spoke.
“Are you buying that for your mom?” He indicated the black nightdress she held.

Lizzie’s voice failed and she croaked. “Oh, yes.” She walked with him to the counter to pay. Sadness scurried into her mind. He’ll just go off and I’ll never see him again. We’re just two shoppers and the pretty lemon things will be for his girlfriend.

Ryan politely steered her ahead of him in the line to pay, and so, as he laid the lemon lingerie on the countertop to be gift wrapped, she wandered slowly away.

Lizzie trailed by the rails of black bra and panty sets. She picked one up in her size, so pretty and so sexy too. On a whim, she decided to try them on. The adjacent rail contained matching garter belts, but after a quick yearning glance, Lizzie left it hanging there. Garter belts are for girls who have a man in their life to unclip sheer stockings and slide them off. I’ll stick with hold-ups.

The lingerie was to soothe her disappointment at her single status, soothe the ache in her stomach left by those unbelievably strong reactions to a gorgeous stranger.

She walked swiftly to the fitting room. Usually an assistant hung around there handing out tags that signified how many items a customer carried, or bringing them a different size when something didn’t fit. Right now, there was no one in sight. Lizzie glanced around. She shrugged and went to the far cubicle in the row, next to the huge wall mirror. If she wanted a bigger view of herself, she could step out quickly and not be on display for other customers arriving to try things on.

Lizzie closed the pale-blue brocade curtain hanging on a rail across the cubicle entrance. She undressed to her underwear and took the lingerie from its hangers so that she could quickly try it on. A big sign with red letters proclaimed the need to try panties on over your own. Lizzie grinned, naturally. She unclipped her bra and hung it on the hooks provided. As she reached for the new bra to try it on, a male hand pushed back the curtain an inch or two, at about shoulder height. Lizzie whipped around to check what was happening and held the new bra to her breasts.

“Lizzie, it’s Ryan, don’t be afraid. I saw you come in here and I thought…I thought maybe you should try this too.”

Lizzie’s heart raced, she swallowed down the fear that arose when she’d first seen the male hand. Calmer, she discovered he held the matching garter belt.
“I don’t need it, thank you anyway, and this is the ladies fitting room.”

Ryan shook the garter belt at her. “It would suit you. Give it a try, just for me.”

Something strange happened to Lizzie at this request. Tears burned behind her eyes ready to slide down her cheeks and wreck her eye-makeup. She took the garter belt and dropped it onto the brocade-covered stool that occupied a corner of the fitting cubicle.

Copyright Elodie Parkes Hot Ink Press All Rights Reserved 2014

Thursday Tease from a #hot new #release: Christmas gets steamy #NFSW have a #sexy afternoon


Entranced by the sight of his beautiful sculpted body, Simi started on his pants. They opened easily and he was naked under them. The strength in her legs drained away at the sight of his hips and the huge cock that throbbed against his stomach muscles. The compulsion to lick him, suck him, and grasp his cock in her hands felled her to her knees, and she took his pants to his ankles in the move.
Simi left them and kissed up his thighs to his balls. She traced her fingertips over them as she pressed her cheek on his cock. She breathed in the dual sensation of his hard erection and his velvet skin, and then she grabbed the column and licked. His groan was distant in her ears as she enjoyed the shape of him. Licking, sucking, kissing, and all the time tracing the weight of his sac and the delicious hardness of his upper-thigh muscles with her other hand. She tasted the salty sweetness when a pearl of pre-cum leaked on her tongue and her pussy clenched in response.
His hands fisted in her hair.
Simi felt a gentle pull and looked up.
“Please, Simi, let me love you now.” His voice was hoarse.
Simi registered the expression on his face. Yearning.
She helped him prise off his boots.
He wore no socks.
She helped him step out of his suit pants.
He bent and picked her up. Holding her with one muscled arm, he pushed his fingers between her legs.
Simi opened for him. She clung to him. The anticipation of his fingers gliding into her pussy so strong, her clit pulsed and quivered. When he slid two fingers into her, she arched to him. The feeling so good she groaned, pressing her face against his, desperately seeking his kiss.
Jason’s lips merged with hers. He kissed her between sighs as he finger-fucked her.
The tease of an orgasm had her grasping his gorgeous body tightly. She pressed to him.
He pulled his fingers from her, grabbed her hips, and lifted her high against his body.
The leaves of the mistletoe brushed her head, sending out a vague perfume of trees and woods in a cloud. She wrapped her legs around Jason’s hips.
His cock slipped between her thighs so perfectly and slid in the cream drenching her folds. He pulled back and Simi felt the head of his cock against her clit.
She moaned against his mouth as he kissed her.
“Don’t disappear this time. Fuck me now.”
Jason’s hard cock pushed into her pussy in one delicious, gasp-inducing thrust. His hands cupping her ass, he fucked her, turning to jam her against the wall, all the time his mouth on hers, his breath teasing her lips with tingles.
The orgasm smashed through Simi. It made her hips jerk and thrust up to gather every ounce of sensation. She moaned against his face, unable to stop until the waves of orgasm left her clinging to his shoulders.
Jason slid to the floor. He knelt with Simi riding his cock. His face pressed into her shoulder muffled the groan he made as he orgasmed.
His cock huge inside her, Simi pushed down to the hilt as he came. Every pulse and throb of his orgasm spread through her clit and up into the core of her pussy. She held his head to her shoulder lovingly as his fingers dug into her soft ass, pinning her onto his cock. The release of sexual connection blanketed her in a haze. She kissed his muscled shoulder, her eyes closed in pleasure.
Still now, they held each other.

Protected Copyright Elodie Parkes and Siren Publishing 2014 All Rights Reserved

Candle Magic is on 10% launch discount at Siren Publishing until December 30 when it will revert to RRP. 

Happy Holidays 

#WickedWednesday #shifter contemporary #erotic romance Let's get #sexy Emily's in need


Emily started laughing softly the moment she was through the office building doors. Her heart raced. Her panties were drenched. The kisses set her tingling. She relived the way Chris kept up the kisses, and her pussy throbbed. She took the stairs instead of the elevator, and with each step, her happiness grew. Chris could be the man she longed for. He looked the part. His hand around hers filled her with longing. His kisses were to die for.

She put the bunch of flowers he’d given her on her desk. Lost in imaginings, Emily went to the staff room and took a water jug, filled it, and back at her desk placed the lilies lovingly in there. She planned what to wear that night instead of answering e-mails, and then her professionalism kicked in, and she got down to work. She sat on the edge of her desk chair, her pussy still wet and her breasts heavy from the raw sexual response Chris sparked in her.

At three-thirty, she took a coffee break. Emily went into the female restrooms and closed a stall door behind her with the little twist lock. She took off her panties. Her pussy still throbbed when she pictured Chris. The panties were damp and she stuffed them into her jacket pocket. The temptation to stroke her clit and relieve the desperate need for sex was strong. She fought it down. It might take too long. Work wasn’t the place, although if Chris stood before her now, she’d open her legs, and pull his fingers between them. She’d whisper, “fuck me,” into his mouth as they kissed. The thought set her thighs clenching. Stop it. Go back to work.

Emily pulled her skirt down hard as she sat. The last thing she needed was to mark the chair with her cream. It wasn’t too bad if she didn’t think about Chris. She couldn’t keep the damp panties on. They stuck to her pussy, rubbed a little on her swollen clit. It made the need for sex worse. She concentrated on her work, but at five, she claimed the approach of a migraine and went home.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Siren Publishing 2014 All Rights Reserved



#TeaserTuesday Let's have some fun with WIP The Confession Box #paranormal #erotic #rejection

The Confession Box

Gorgeous Rupert Vass is a bartender at Club Coven. He's seen some things since he started work there, but Rupert isn't easily shocked, after all he's a little supernatural himself.
Rupert thinks he's immune to love and as a member of, Deep Dream, a rock band that often plays at Club Coven he's never short of offers.
 Julianne Montague wants Rupert the moment she sets eyes on him,  she makes it plain she's interested. 

Naughty Rupert flicks her off.


“Rupert Vass, that’s your real name?” Julianne leaned across the bar counter, hooking her hands over the edge to avoid sliding back. Her face hovered close to his. Her breasts pressed together on display in her low-necked dress.

Rupert’s gaze flicked to her neck where her pulse throbbed almost in time to the low beat of the music piped through the speakers when no live act was booked. He didn’t need to charm this girl. She’d be his at the snap of his fingers, if he wanted, if he didn’t already have an assignation that night. Assignation, the old-fashioned word echoed in his mind and amused him. He smiled.

Julianne beamed at him, obviously thinking the smile was for her. “So, Rupert, I see you working every time I come in here, don’t you ever get a night off?”

The scent of her blood filled his nostrils and something else, desire. She wanted him, and it was badly from the strength of the pheromones she emitted. Rupert considered her question. She’d be asking to let him know she was interested in seeing him. He’d heard that question more than a few times, and similar inquiries down the years, all designed to give him the opportunity to ask a girl out. It didn’t melt his resolve — this time.

“You’re here every night?” Rupert put the cocktail she’d ordered down on the bar deliberately at arm’s length. He nodded at the lime green beverage. “Mind you don’t spill it.” He moved off to another customer. If that cruel little question didn’t put her off, then the idea he thought she might knock over her drink as she drew back from hanging onto the bar to show off her delightful cleavage, would.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Ra Jones Publishing 2015 release All Right Reserved

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Marissa smiled and breathed against his ear. “Fuck me, Cade.”

He sighed and brought his mouth a whisper away from hers. “I owe you at least one orgasm before we do, and I don’t want this night to end yet.”

Marissa traced the contours of his cock eliciting a groan from Cade.

He circled the swollen nub of her clit with his thumb, curled his fingers inside her, and kissed her lips. He hit exactly the right spot for her as he stroked and circled.

 Marissa came with such force it arched her spine and threw her head back away from Cade’s delicious kiss.

From 'Rescuing Cade,'
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Evernight Publishing All Rights Reserved , release date February 2015

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