#CoverReveal contemporary #romance Candy Hearts is going to have a new cover #erotic #NSFW excerpt and why I re-designed the cover

Cover Reveal  
I decided to design a  new cover for Candy Hearts  a contemporary, erotic romance, published by Hot Ink Press. 

Tom found a new job, but can he find love?

Working in a surf coast hotel seems like the remedy for his previous unhappiness, but as Valentine’s Day approaches, Tom realizes he’s lonely, and looks around for someone to love.

I'd always had my doubts about the cover for this love story, because I featured my heroine rather than my hero and most of the story is in Tom, my hero's, POV. I thought I'd remedy that and combed the stock sites for different graphics.
A blogger friend of mine had a theory about why I choose the female model for the original cover, she said it's because she reminded me of myself LOL and that it was halo effect.
It's true we do look very similar, although she would be younger. I then had her thinking about Tom as she sat at the coffee shop table in the original cover. 

I wanted the new cover to feature Tom, after all it really is his story.

Candy Hearts
Hot Ink Press release short on kindle, http://a-fwd.com/asin-com=B00IFG1FVY
"...we are talking about Elodie Parkes so, of course, the sex between these two is off the charts. Maybe it is because they secretly pined after each other for months or maybe it will always be that way for Tom and Serena, but they burn up the sheets together. This was a great short story, filled with so much emotion I was sad when it ended so quickly." 4 shining stars from Readers' Favorite reviews.
Here's the new cover, expect it to appear on the story around January 7, 2015

Read an excerpt #NSFW erotic romance

Tom closed his eyes. Her lips were soft and invited more kisses. He held her tight against his lower body, cupping her bottom to press his cock against her. The pressure made him want more. He left a hand along the back of her thigh to keep her pressed against him, and then moved the other to hold her head. Her hair was silk in his hand. Her lips parted under his for his tongue. Tom groaned when she rubbed her stomach against his cock as his tongue touched hers. He felt the haze of lust creep over him.

She arched her body away from him, her mouth still against his.

He felt her hands on his pants zip.

She was opening it.

Tom’s breath caught as her fingers probed the top of his shorts. He let go of her thigh to move and give her room to touch his cock. Desperation to have her hand grasp his cock made him sigh. He slipped his hand from her hair and found the back zipper of her dress, yanking it down as her fingers curled around his cock.

Her lips still close to his, Tom felt her breath tease his mouth as she moved her face back a little, and bit his bottom lip.
Electricity buzzed along his balls and up his stomach at the pressure of her hand on his cock and the tease of her teeth on his lip. He thrust his cock into her hand, moaning softly. He pulled her dress down her shoulders. He couldn’t get it very far but at least it uncovered the tops of her breasts and her lace bra. Tom unclipped her bra as he kissed her. He sucked her bottom lip and grazed it with his teeth as he pushed her bra down and grabbed her breasts.

His eyes were closed with lust. His hips thrust as if he’d lost control. He kneaded her breasts to feel the softness in his hands and kissed her as if his life depended upon it. His legs were starting to feel like jelly. His cock was so hard it leaked in Serena’s palms. Tom rolled her nipples in his fingers with a sigh. They pebbled and he ran his hands over them. He stopped kissing her.

“Serena…let’s go to bed or something…I’m about to fall down.”

She took her hands from his cock.

The loss made him groan.

She pulled her dress down her arms and hips, before stepping out of it. She shrugged her bra off and stood before him in a garter belt, stockings, and tiny panties.

Tom stared at her beautiful body in awe. He reached for her hips, just made for him to grab and drag her back to him. He kissed her, but she wriggled away.

She took his tie and jacket off him as she looked into his eyes. 
Tom helped with his shirt, pulling it over his head when she’d unbuttoned it halfway down. His cock was huge and heavy. His balls tingled. His thighs were weak. He pushed his suit pants and shorts off, taking his socks and shoes with them.

As he did this, Serena stroked his back. Her fingertips reached the crack of his ass and she trailed along it to tease at the underside of his balls as he bent. His stomach muscles clenched so hard that his cock jerked away and back. Tom’s breath came in gasps with the desperate need to fuck.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Hot Ink Press 

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