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I'm often asked about how I get my ideas for stories I write and honestly I often have no clue. The idea just drops into my mind. 
Having said that, I still sometimes want to picture my hero other than via what he says, and does.
Names are different. They generally stem from what I know about my characters and the story that I always know in advance.

So what influences me the most when it comes to naming my male characters?

Their personality, and sometimes what they are, for instance if they are paranormal  characters. My vampire in A Little Mysterious needed to have a lovely exotic name-Dhruv. My ancient vampire in The Black Lion, Sascha, needed a soft, romantic name since he is, but his enemy who is not as ancient is called Fonteyn.
My contemporary young men in The Summer Heat, Nate and Evan, just guys names, but attractive names like them.
Starr Forrester the enigmatic, Ash, in The Winter Girl, needed to be influenced by magic and so he has a more exotic name.
The lovely, Jason, in Candle Magic is a character half way between angel and spirit, a young man who messed with magic and found himself cast into the ether. He needed a name that had mythological connections. 
In A Fairy Tale Romance, I have Thorn, the newly impoverished and gorgeous Prince. I though a fitting name for a cursed and lonely man.
I do need to name my characters before I start writing. If I know their stories and their names are not quite right, I will wait until they tell me their names. 

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I'd love to give some credits for these pictures, but they're ones that have circulated around social media sites for a long time and have lost names or source information.

Just love ripped jeans and open or no shirt.

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