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The Confession Box

Gorgeous Rupert Vass is a bartender at Club Coven. He's seen some things since he started work there, but Rupert isn't easily shocked, after all he's a little supernatural himself.
Rupert thinks he's immune to love and as a member of, Deep Dream, a rock band that often plays at Club Coven he's never short of offers.
 Julianne Montague wants Rupert the moment she sets eyes on him,  she makes it plain she's interested. 

Naughty Rupert flicks her off.


“Rupert Vass, that’s your real name?” Julianne leaned across the bar counter, hooking her hands over the edge to avoid sliding back. Her face hovered close to his. Her breasts pressed together on display in her low-necked dress.

Rupert’s gaze flicked to her neck where her pulse throbbed almost in time to the low beat of the music piped through the speakers when no live act was booked. He didn’t need to charm this girl. She’d be his at the snap of his fingers, if he wanted, if he didn’t already have an assignation that night. Assignation, the old-fashioned word echoed in his mind and amused him. He smiled.

Julianne beamed at him, obviously thinking the smile was for her. “So, Rupert, I see you working every time I come in here, don’t you ever get a night off?”

The scent of her blood filled his nostrils and something else, desire. She wanted him, and it was badly from the strength of the pheromones she emitted. Rupert considered her question. She’d be asking to let him know she was interested in seeing him. He’d heard that question more than a few times, and similar inquiries down the years, all designed to give him the opportunity to ask a girl out. It didn’t melt his resolve — this time.

“You’re here every night?” Rupert put the cocktail she’d ordered down on the bar deliberately at arm’s length. He nodded at the lime green beverage. “Mind you don’t spill it.” He moved off to another customer. If that cruel little question didn’t put her off, then the idea he thought she might knock over her drink as she drew back from hanging onto the bar to show off her delightful cleavage, would.

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