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Entranced by the sight of his beautiful sculpted body, Simi started on his pants. They opened easily and he was naked under them. The strength in her legs drained away at the sight of his hips and the huge cock that throbbed against his stomach muscles. The compulsion to lick him, suck him, and grasp his cock in her hands felled her to her knees, and she took his pants to his ankles in the move.
Simi left them and kissed up his thighs to his balls. She traced her fingertips over them as she pressed her cheek on his cock. She breathed in the dual sensation of his hard erection and his velvet skin, and then she grabbed the column and licked. His groan was distant in her ears as she enjoyed the shape of him. Licking, sucking, kissing, and all the time tracing the weight of his sac and the delicious hardness of his upper-thigh muscles with her other hand. She tasted the salty sweetness when a pearl of pre-cum leaked on her tongue and her pussy clenched in response.
His hands fisted in her hair.
Simi felt a gentle pull and looked up.
“Please, Simi, let me love you now.” His voice was hoarse.
Simi registered the expression on his face. Yearning.
She helped him prise off his boots.
He wore no socks.
She helped him step out of his suit pants.
He bent and picked her up. Holding her with one muscled arm, he pushed his fingers between her legs.
Simi opened for him. She clung to him. The anticipation of his fingers gliding into her pussy so strong, her clit pulsed and quivered. When he slid two fingers into her, she arched to him. The feeling so good she groaned, pressing her face against his, desperately seeking his kiss.
Jason’s lips merged with hers. He kissed her between sighs as he finger-fucked her.
The tease of an orgasm had her grasping his gorgeous body tightly. She pressed to him.
He pulled his fingers from her, grabbed her hips, and lifted her high against his body.
The leaves of the mistletoe brushed her head, sending out a vague perfume of trees and woods in a cloud. She wrapped her legs around Jason’s hips.
His cock slipped between her thighs so perfectly and slid in the cream drenching her folds. He pulled back and Simi felt the head of his cock against her clit.
She moaned against his mouth as he kissed her.
“Don’t disappear this time. Fuck me now.”
Jason’s hard cock pushed into her pussy in one delicious, gasp-inducing thrust. His hands cupping her ass, he fucked her, turning to jam her against the wall, all the time his mouth on hers, his breath teasing her lips with tingles.
The orgasm smashed through Simi. It made her hips jerk and thrust up to gather every ounce of sensation. She moaned against his face, unable to stop until the waves of orgasm left her clinging to his shoulders.
Jason slid to the floor. He knelt with Simi riding his cock. His face pressed into her shoulder muffled the groan he made as he orgasmed.
His cock huge inside her, Simi pushed down to the hilt as he came. Every pulse and throb of his orgasm spread through her clit and up into the core of her pussy. She held his head to her shoulder lovingly as his fingers dug into her soft ass, pinning her onto his cock. The release of sexual connection blanketed her in a haze. She kissed his muscled shoulder, her eyes closed in pleasure.
Still now, they held each other.

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