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Emily started laughing softly the moment she was through the office building doors. Her heart raced. Her panties were drenched. The kisses set her tingling. She relived the way Chris kept up the kisses, and her pussy throbbed. She took the stairs instead of the elevator, and with each step, her happiness grew. Chris could be the man she longed for. He looked the part. His hand around hers filled her with longing. His kisses were to die for.

She put the bunch of flowers he’d given her on her desk. Lost in imaginings, Emily went to the staff room and took a water jug, filled it, and back at her desk placed the lilies lovingly in there. She planned what to wear that night instead of answering e-mails, and then her professionalism kicked in, and she got down to work. She sat on the edge of her desk chair, her pussy still wet and her breasts heavy from the raw sexual response Chris sparked in her.

At three-thirty, she took a coffee break. Emily went into the female restrooms and closed a stall door behind her with the little twist lock. She took off her panties. Her pussy still throbbed when she pictured Chris. The panties were damp and she stuffed them into her jacket pocket. The temptation to stroke her clit and relieve the desperate need for sex was strong. She fought it down. It might take too long. Work wasn’t the place, although if Chris stood before her now, she’d open her legs, and pull his fingers between them. She’d whisper, “fuck me,” into his mouth as they kissed. The thought set her thighs clenching. Stop it. Go back to work.

Emily pulled her skirt down hard as she sat. The last thing she needed was to mark the chair with her cream. It wasn’t too bad if she didn’t think about Chris. She couldn’t keep the damp panties on. They stuck to her pussy, rubbed a little on her swollen clit. It made the need for sex worse. She concentrated on her work, but at five, she claimed the approach of a migraine and went home.

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