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Erotic romance writer falls in love with anonymous guy from picture she picks up on Facebook.

This time it's two guys. She writes them a fantasy menage romance.
She gives each a name ... Viridian and Indigo Parr.  They never leave her thoughts until the story is finished and then ... fickle author, she finds a new muse, falls in love, and starts a new story ...

Read a snippet:

Viridian darted down the back street. Not many people knew it led right past a trade entrance to the palace. No one knew that the gate there was the only part of the outer wall that was alarmed. For six feet on either side of the gate the walls were vulnerable. An agile person who could scale the wall there would gain access to the palace grounds. Viridian was not only agile, his natural strength was enhanced by his daily workouts. He was determined to reach the tower tonight. His cock stirred at the thought of Tara. He pictured her ivory skin and long dark hair. He licked his lips. He could conjure up the feel of her lips on his if he concentrated. He pulled off his shirt and pushed it into the back pocket of his pants. The gate loomed in the darkness. Lit by moonlight, the pillars on either side gleamed with embedded flecks of gold. Viridian leapt. 
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 All Rights Reserved

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