#MWTease and #coverreveal from the second edition of 'The Picnic' as Side Street Cookie Publishing takes over from Moon Rose #paranormalromance

#MWTease from The Picnic
A single originally published in A Celtic Tapestry Anthology
Ava McCartney relaxes from her stressful job by walking in the woods. One day she chances upon Morgan Green. He’s hypnotic in more ways than one and Ava doubles back to take another look at him. A mystery man, an enigma, sexy as hell, Morgan just might be the man Ava longs for.
Morgan discovers his home is under threat from developers, and decides to fight back.
His beauty and gentleness hide a powerful man. Who is he really?
New cover for The Picnic

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When the sun woke Ava as it streamed through her bedroom window the next morning, she stretched, realizing she felt happy. She sang little snatches of favorite songs as she dressed, and checked her bag for the things she would need to get started on her work in the forest.
Ava was still singing as she drove to the smallholding and parked in the yard at the front. The ‘For Sale’ signs had been partially covered over with stick-on ‘Sold’ labels in red and white. The former owner of the smallholding had left as soon as the contracts were exchanged and the place had a sad air about it.
Ava walked down through the fields and past the few pens, now empty of chickens and piglets, to the edge of the woods that were under threat.
She was unsure where Morgan might meet her, at this side of the woods or the other side, and so for a short time she took photographs of the oldest oak and ash trees. She looked around. It felt as if someone was watching her, but she could see no one. She took out her small, sharp pruning shears to take a sample of a particular plant. She’d placed the cutting in a small, plastic zip-lock bag when she looked around again certain someone or something was watching her.
She didn’t see or hear anyone and so she wandered further into the wild forest where the trees were growing very close to each other, some covered in ivy. Ava saw mistletoe growing on an old oak and she went towards it, fascinated. The pearly berries were already there, and the plant looked especially healthy and festive amongst the oak leaves that had the slightest hint of gold on the edges.
The hairs rose on Ava’s neck as she realized she wasn’t alone. She closed her eyes in fear, but then snapped them open, as she quickly turned to whack the person with her backpack.
It was Morgan, and for a split second, Ava saw him covered in leaves that were green, copper, red, and gold. His eyes, instead of the wonderful blue she knew, appeared bright green.
She stepped back from him, gasping.
“Ava, I’m sorry, did I startle you? You looked so fascinated by the mistletoe I didn’t want to call out.” Morgan’s blue eyes expressed concern. He held out his arms to shelter her within them and chase away the fear he saw in her eyes.
Ava stepped into the circle of his arms and he hugged her to his chest. It was comforting and he had the loveliest fragrance of spruce and cedar about him.
“Morgan,” she almost whispered his name. “I’ve been feeling watched since I got into the forest, so you did startle me a little.”
He took her face in his hands to kiss her slowly and tenderly. “Maybe it was the forest sprites, the woodland elves, or maybe squirrels. There are heaps here.” He hugged her. “Are you okay?”
She grinned. “Yes, thank you. You very nearly got a whack with my backpack.”
Morgan smiled, but didn’t comment, and took her hand to lead her further into the forest.
“I’ll show you where a rare orchid grows wild.”
Ava held his hand tightly. It was so good to feel his skin.
Copyright Elodie Parkes and Side Street Cookie Publishing 2015
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  1. Ooh, she should listen to her instincts. Great tease, Elodie. Pretty new cover. :)

  2. Love the cover and great tease! I'll have to pick this one up!

  3. It is good to feel his skin! I was right there with Ava as all this was happening. And I think I just fell head over heels for Morgan. Loved this tease, Elodie!

  4. Very atmospheric tease, Elodie. Loved it :-)

  5. I'm certainly intrigued by Morgan and what he is. Great teaser, Elodie.


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