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From WIP (April/May release) The Confession Box
Club Coven, the popular rock venue and bar in Olvera, LA, holds mysteries. Julianne is there to interview the enigmatic and highly popular band, Deep Dream. She's intrigued by the club, the strange patrons and the lead singer of Deep Dream. Rupert works in the club as a bartender, he's gorgeous, and he's not interested ... so far.

Read the Tease 18+

      The band played and their music wound its way into the soul of the audience. The notes mesmerized them. The lyrics captured them, and they collectively swayed back and forth. Those people sitting, stood, under the spell of the band. Rupert glanced at Marcus and grinned. He looked across at the twins who were standing back to back as if fighting off unseen combatants. Their movements sent waves of sensuality out like ripples in a sparkling stream. They gazed about them with their enchanting green eyes broadcasting raw sexual signals. Rupert smiled as he joined Jodi and Marcus to sing a backing line in the finale of the song.

          At the end of the set, the audience pulsed with appreciation as they applauded. Rupert nodded to Elza knowing the band had primed them for what was to come. He watched as the ethereal blond stood, and further charmed the audience, then he left the stage with the other band members via steps at the back. They descended into darkness and a short corridor that led around into the VIP room’s main area. Rupert wasn’t performing in Club Coven’s remaining show, and he lingered in the darkness knowing Suzette would come to him there.

         He smiled. She’ll come for me, too.

         As he smiled, Suzette arrived. She stepped carefully along in the gloom.

       Rupert strode to her and picked her up as he kissed her. Her soft skin sent tingles through his palms as he allowed his senses free rein. The aroma of her blood sent pulses through his cock. His erection already rock hard he thrust against her hip as he pressed her body close. Sure footed, he carried her a step into the darkness as he kissed her. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and a groan escaped. His fingers played along the cheek of her bare ass and he slid her to the floor bringing her dress up around her waist at the click of her heels when her shoes hit the tiles. He smiled against her mouth. “Suzette, I’m crazy for you. I want you naked.” He kept her dress around her waist with one arm and ran the fingertips of his other hand up her spine.

      She gasped as he pulled the shoulder straps of her dress down her arms and swooped on her neck to suck there.

    Rupert tasted her blood. The rush of pleasure at the metallic flavor sent ripples of sensation through his balls. He dragged the silver zipper of her dress down and stepped away.

      Suzette swayed to him and he knew she was already under his vampire spell. Her eyes were all pupils and her mouth shaped in a small O waiting for kisses. She shrugged her dress to the floor and stood naked before him.

      Rupert swept his hands over every inch of her skin, following with kisses and small flicks of his tongue. The taste of her skin thrilled him, especially on her inner thighs, as he tasted the cream slipping there from her soaking wet pussy. He shed his clothes easily in a second of vampire speed. He lifted her again and laid her on the stack. He kissed her lips, cupping her face in his hands and slowly thrusting his huge cock against her stomach.

      She sighed, murmured, groaned, and held him around the hips, pulling him against her.

     Rupert pushed her legs apart as he positioned his knee to slip against the moisture between her legs. He kissed her all the way down her neck and back to her lips, whispering sweet things to her. He waited until she ground her pussy against his knee and then he thrust two fingers up into her tight slick channel.

    Her moan wet his mouth as he hovered near her lips and pumped his fingers in her pussy. Sensations burned over him. His cock throbbed. His thighs weakened. His skin tingled as spikes of raw sexual desire ran over his highly sensitive body. Rupert moved his fingers from her pussy and dragged her legs further apart. He lifted her under the ass. His mouth watered to taste her cream and he bent his head. As he sucked on her clit, her moans sounded in his ears and he soaked up the pleasure in the tone. He nipped at her clit, lapped at her folds, bit at her inner thighs, and then as she groaned and writhed beneath his face, he pushed two fingers into her pussy to find the spot his years of practice told him would bring her great pleasure. He stroked there as he lapped at her clit and savored the scent of her sex drifting onto his face.

    Suzette came with a cry. She thrust down on his fingers and grabbed at his hair to hold him in place.

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  1. I love descriptions of music and how we experience them. You do a great job of that here. You also to a marvelous job of tying in the need of Rupert. Overall, just fabulous.

  2. I like this Rupert and his mischevious, hot and sexy vampire band. Suzette is a lucky girl. Thanks for the awesome tease, Elodie!

  3. Phew, he certainly knows what he's doing! Hot tease, Elodie, and I do love myself a sexy vamp.

  4. Fanning myself. Hot teaser, Elodie!


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