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Reader’s Choice Fiction
                Reader’s choice isn’t new to fiction.  Perhaps as a child you read some of the Choose Your Own Adventure series.  This line of books was hugely popular in the 80’s and 90’s.  It allowed readers to take on the role of the lead character and make story line decisions.
                My adult reader’s choice is somewhat different.  When the alpha wolf in this wild shifter series is revealed, the reader decides if it will be a She-Wolf or He-Wolf.
                Why offer a choice?  When I sat at my computer, out came two love options for my leading man.  Rather than start up a love triangle.  I wrote two story lines.  Further into the editing process, the idea of offering a reader’s choice for ‘hotness’ developed.
                Moon Shadows is the first in a series.  You can follow John’s story with a She-Wolf or a He-Wolf or read both.  You can also choose to skip the ‘hotness’ scenes if those aren’t your thing.  Each book starts with a few chapters that move the story along.  Then a fork appears on the page.  Hyper-links allow you to choose the alpha and follow the trail into hotness or pass on it and move to where the story merges once again.
                Reader’s choice is all about giving the reader control.  For the writer, it is about taking a character or story line you find intriguing and twisting it in an alternate direction.  Letting your imagination run wild.
                In the Moon Series, other members of this intriguing pack are slowly introduced to John.  Where will his journey lead?  You can count on suspense, love, humor and barbeque ribs.  Okay, the last one you’ll have to make for yourself.  But you can always count on finding a happily ever after.  Or at least a happy for now.
                Try something new.  Pick up this reader’s choice and take control of where the story goes.  A wild ride, or rather read, awaits you.

Author Bio
                Kenzie Mack transplanted from the mid-west to California with her husband and four children.  She mistook the drought for part of the sunny Cali climate package.  Snow and almost daily rain are not missed.
                A lifelong lover of reading and writing, Kenzie chose the indie path into publishing.  The road wasn’t easy, but the end product warms her heart every time she sees the cover.
                If you’ve never tried a reader’s choice tale, please consider her Moon Series.
                Thank you for stopping by and supporting an indie author. 
                And thank you Elodie Parkes for featuring me.
                Kenzie Mack
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Book Blurb – Moon Shadows
Fresh from a break-up, John’s routine jog becomes a run in with fear when he is surrounded by a pack of larger than life wolves. There’s no time to wonder how these creatures arrived in non-wolf country, CA.  They want a snack and he’s clean out of Scooby treats.
When the alpha arrives, John is given a choice.  Surrender to his previously hidden animal instincts or leave and never look back.  Something in the fierce creature’s eyes holds him enthralled and his decision is made.  By night’s end, his life is changed—forever.
This book is an adult tale which offers a reader’s choice for you to pick the pack’s alpha.  Make it a She-Wolf or a He-Wolf.  Or read both.
How steamy do you like your romance?  The heat level of this adventure is placed in your hands.  Read John’s journey in its entirety.  Or skip past the hotness to the happily ever after.  Reader’s choice gives you control.  Enjoy reading the way you like it.  Or try it with a twist.

Book Blurb – Moon Dances
John and Ebony’s relationship blooms.  But it’s not all fun, food and frisky business when John is introduced to the rest of the pack.  The security of his place beside his mate and among this unique group depends on his ability pass their initiation and bond with each member.
The bubbly, green-eyed tawny wolves choose two different approaches for bringing John into their confidence.  Daniela shares a mental bonding which leaves John shaken, but fiercely protective of the slim blond beast.  A frightening vision follows him out of their encounter.
Daniela’s mate Anna prefers getting to know John during physical initiation which includes Ebony.  His mind spins from these hot interactions.  And his earlier vision lingers.  However, nothing will keep him from finishing the rituals and earning his place beside his mate.
Once again, the heat level of this adult tale and the decision to continue the story with Ebony in the form of a She-Wolf or He-Wolf is left in your hands.  This reader’s choice series puts you in control of where the story goes and with whom.  The hotness in this book is a ménage and as always, you have the opportunity to skip the heat.  Stick with your preferred character or twist things up.
Reader’s Choice offers you the best of both worlds.

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