#MWTease and Rupert is murderous #vampireromance

From the Club Coven series and April 2 release, The Confession Box

His anger wouldn’t go away. He fretted as he watched Julianne fall further under the warlock’s spell. He seethed at her response to Finn as she smiled and touched the silver-eyed man’s hand. He swore softly when Finn began trailing his fingertips up and down Julianne’s bare shoulder.

“Fucking hell.” I’ll kill him. She likes him. Didn’t she just get through flirting with me? Didn’t I just save her ass from the vamp roadies? She looks very beautiful tonight. That dress is sexy. Those stockings … Crap, what’s the matter with me? I should be thanking Finn for taking her attention away from me, for giving me a break from her hanging on the bar, on my every word. I don’t want her do I? Do I?

He served another group of people. He glanced repeatedly at the dreadful sight. Finn has her wrapped around his finger, or will by the end of the night. He’ll fuck her tonight and then she’ll crave him forever. She’ll join the never-ending line-up of girls waiting for him to call, to visit, to do his every bidding. Fucking hell, I can’t take it. She needs a good shake.

Rupert walked to them. “Can I get you anything else?”


  1. Intriguing stuff, Elodie! Look forward to reading more.

  2. I wonder if she welcomes the interruption. Lovely teaser, Elodie.

  3. Someone is in big trouble it seems! I'm so intrigued. Great tease Elodie.

  4. Great tease!! Can't wait for this release!!

  5. Sounds like he's in trouble. Good tease, Elodie.

  6. I loved every moment, every word he said. My only complaint ... that it wasn't enough!!! I want more, Elodie. xoxoxoxox :-)


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