Magic and romance for #MWTease this week from April 2 #paranormalromance The Confession Box

For #MWTease this week an excerpt from April 2 release, The Confession Box. An erotic, paranormal romance.

Rupert gazed after Julianne as she exited the room. He’d watched her sudden move to follow Marcus and observed the way she froze with a terrified look on her face before reaching the elevator to the VIP room. He knew a repel spell was cast where the misted shrouded the entrance. The only beings unaffected by it were the VIP room members, and anyone among the patrons invited by a member. The guest would unknowingly be touched with the antidote to the spell. All members carried a membership card treated with the antidote. You had to possess the card for the remedy to have any longevity, so no guest got to wander into the VIP room afterwards. Rupert felt the fear emanating from Julianne all the way to the bar counter and that surprised him. He had no idea their connection was so strong. His subconscious mind had sneaked away to watch over Julianne even though he pushed away his attraction to her.

Instinctively, he’d compelled her homeward away from the temptation of the VIP room. He finished adding crushed ice to the vodka cocktail he was mixing, and set it down in front of the person who’d ordered. Rupert needed to join the other band members, play a set, and then he’d be free to meet the woman who’d provide sex and a cocktail of a different kind for him.

He waved a ‘goodnight’ at the relief bartender who showed up just as Rupert was checking he had his VIP membership card in his back pocket. The atmosphere surrounding the elevator entrance even chilled Rupert as he walked through the mist, but as soon as he called for the elevator and stepped inside it wore off.

The VIP room was more opulent than the clubrooms downstairs. Rupert wove through the visitors already crowded into the bar where the band would play. He saw through the gloom to the stage where the other band members were already in place.

“Rupert, Rupert.” The high-pitched female voice assailed his ears at the same time as the possessive hand grabbed at his elbow. It was the woman Rupert had arranged to meet after the show.
Suzette was a regular in Club Coven and in the VIP room. Her flirting and pursuit of Rupert finally wore him down a few days ago and now as he turned to her he wished he’d resisted and his thoughts went back to Julianne. Considering how much Rupert enjoyed sex, and the occasional taste of human blood as he orgasmed, the sudden realization that he didn’t actually want Suzette surprised and annoyed him. He shrugged her off and then regretted his discourtesy and took her hand.

“Suzette, how lovely to see you.” He bent his head to kiss her wrist with a smile. She is pretty, and she’ll taste sweet. I’ll take what’s on offer this night and then tell her to forget me. The thought cheered him and his charming smile spread across his handsome face.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 
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  1. An interesting form of security. Great tease.

  2. Hmmm. I'm curious about him. :) Congrats on the up coming release, Elodie!

  3. An intriguing teaser. I wonder what's the set up around the club.

  4. will he claim one woman when another is on his mind, I wonder?? Leaves me guessing. Great tease!!

  5. Ah, sounds like he's smitten and doesn't know it. Good tease, Elodie. :)

  6. Such a fascinating set up you've got here. Great tease, Elodie :-)

  7. Great tease, Elodie. Always love your stories.


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