A romantic moment for #MWTease as two would be lovers meet, Rescuing Cade, @Evernightpub

Today's #MWTease is from recent release 
Rescuing Cade

Marissa slid a hand around his cheek, softly, gently. She kissed him.
Tenderness flowed over him. Hope lit a flame in his heart so strong he pulled away to ask, “Come home with me, or I’ll come home with you. Let’s talk. We need to talk.” His lack of breath snatched away his voice. Her closeness overwhelmed him. His cock was already straining at his pants. He knew he’d fuck the breath from her if he got her home. He’d strip her and kiss every single inch of her soft skin and then pound his cock into her until she came moaning, but first he’d tell her how much he wanted to see her, make a start on a relationship, and let her know how he felt.
She clung to his hand and stroked along his jaw.
Her fingertips rasped on his stubble.
She leaned back from him to look into his eyes. “I’ll come home with you. Let’s not go to my place.”
A smile spread over Cade’s face as joy filled him up from his toes to his mouth. He tingled with it. “Okay. Now? Have you finished shopping or …?” He let go of her hand and waited.
“Anytime. Are you ready to go home?”
Cade stood, then remembered his shopping and bent to pick it up. “I’m ready.”
Marissa stood, too, and slipped her hand in his free one.
Cade cast an appreciative glance at their hands, their fingers locked together. He led the way out of the coffee shop.
On the sidewalk, he smiled as he walked with Marissa close beside him. “This is so great. I have to ask. Was it a coincidence you were in the coffee shop, or did you go hoping I’d be there?” He squeezed her hand.
Marissa smiled as she looked his way. “Maybe both.”
Cade smiled, too. “Whichever it is, it doesn’t matter … I’m just so happy to see you.” They arrived at Cade’s car and he put his shopping in the trunk, and then opened the passenger door for Marissa. She stood close and the fragrance of her hair filled his head. Cade’s gaze rested on her mouth. The sounds of the market and traffic receded. Mesmerized by her nearness, he gazed into her eyes. “I’m about desperate to make love to you.” He detected a glimmer of amusement in her expression, closely followed by desire filling her gray eyes.
“Then we should get home to your place.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 Evernight Publishing
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  1. Aww, hot and emotional. A great tease, Elodie :-D

  2. Love your tease. Great visuals and Cade sounds so sexy. Wonderful

  3. Oh my goodness, I always love the honesty and vulnerability of your heroes, Elodie. I always fall in love with them so fast!

  4. Fantastic tease, Elodie! I love it when a guy gets that aroused -- SO sexy!


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