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#MWTease is from recent release 'The Confession Box'
paranormal romance
The tease
It took moments to be back inside Club Coven. He darted into the elevator and discovered his guitar was in there. He took it with him into the room where people were mingling and talking. It looked as if the act that followed his was finished. Rupert found Julianne’s clothes tossed to the back of the stage. Her stockings weren’t around, but he’d deal with that. Her shoes were under a chair in the front row of seating with her tiny beaded purse stuffed into one of them. He gathered everything up and fled.

When he exited the elevator into the dim lighting of the bar, Finn stepped in front of him.
The warlock glared at Rupert. “I wish you’d leave Julianne alone. I like her. She’s not just another conquest for me. I’m serious about her. You need to fuck off. I can’t physically fight you, but I know a couple of spells that might slow you down, my friend.” He prodded Rupert in the chest and then he saw Julianne’s dress as Rupert raised his hand to push Finn away.

“What happened? Why do you have her dress? Where is she?” The warlock was distraught.

Rupert checked his action in surprise at the level of distress in Finn’s eyes. Instead of pushing him away, he patted the warlock's arm.

“She’s fine. She’s with me. I’m sorry, Finn, you lose. It’s me she wants.” He gave a shrug.

Finn’s frown creased between his eyes as they reflected pain. “Her kiss says otherwise. I’ll only accept it if she tells me herself. Tell her that. I’ll be in here tomorrow night.” He turned and walked elegantly away.

Rupert watched him take a seat at the bar and then stormed off to his house where Julianne lay in an induced sleep.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 

The #vampire
Mysterious Rupert Vass is a bartender at Club Coven. He’s seen some strange things since he started work there, but Rupert isn’t easily shocked, after all he’s  supernatural himself.
Rupert believes he’s immune to love and as a lead member of, Deep Dream, a rock band that often plays at Club Coven, he’s never short of romantic offers, so...why bring love into the equation?
The #journalist
Julianne Montague wants Rupert the moment she sets eyes on him. She’s a journalist for a local Music Magazine and as she visits Club Coven to interview the band, she slowly becomes aware that the club holds a mystery... what really happens in the VIP room, for instance? 
The #warlock
When gorgeous Finn Hale hits on Julianne sparks start to fly as Rupert feels...what...not a twinge of jealousy, surely?
Who will win Julianne's heart and how low will the two men stoop to do it?
The Confession Box
An intoxicating, erotic, paranormal romance, sprinkled with mystery, filled with magic and love.

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  1. Somehow I don't think this is going to be the end of it for Finn, Rupert's declaration or not. Great tease, Elodie!

  2. Excellent tease, would love to read more

  3. A love triangle. I'm intrigued.


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