Love #erotic romance with a #paranormal twist? Here's a FREE read for the weekend

Gorgeous Drew loves the ladies. One hot New Orleans summer his life of fun and romance is about to change.
Marianne owns and runs a new age shop. She sells her spells and potions
aware of Drew's conquests and sometimes she wishes he'd look her way.
Magic is in the air. A series of events will unfold that changes everything.
An erotic romance, full of sex, romance and magic, this short story will delight.
Free Read with HEA.
Read an excerpt:
Marianne checked the time—five-fifteen, and Drew should be in soon for the last hour or so of opening time. Fayme had gone home and the steady stream of customers stopped. People would be preparing for the range of exciting nightlife on offer all over the city. Marianne opened late three nights a week, but today wasn’t one of them. She walked to her shop window and stared out past the display of artwork and silk scarves. She considered what Sophie had told her about her grandparents. There was no one left to ask for corroboration. That’s why Drew lived in her house. She had so much room and Drew shared all the expenses. He’d sometimes get a gig as a sound engineer when a movie or television show filmed in town. He’d been lucky and worked on three in a row two years running. The money was good and Drew invested in the shop so that they could extend. Marianne gazed unseeing at the passersby.
She pictured Drew, his dark hair, his blue eyes, the way his shirts fit over his muscular body. She allowed herself the vision of his faded jeans hanging low on his hips. Once she’d glimpsed him naked, raw need to touch him, kiss him, feel his skin under her palms, had almost crippled her then, and it tore into her heart right now like a spear. She leaned on the frame around the window display, awash with sorrow that he would only ever be her friend. She sighed and turned to tidy shelves and refill some of the stands emptied by customers that day. He’ll never shake that addiction, he’ll always be a player, he’s a gorgeous guy who had girls throw themselves at him, and so he’s taken what’s been on offer. It must be exhilarating to be wanted, because women do want him. I see it in their eyes when he’s in the shop.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015
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