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From Surprising the Alpha #MWTease

Joshua’s hackles rose. He pushed her away, saw her unbalance, and caught her. He crushed her to his body.

She molded to him and tilted her face to his.

Joshua gazed into her eyes and saw desire, pure sexual need. His mind emptied of everything but the softness of her ass cupped in his hand. He rammed his erection against her, a low growl escaping before he kissed her so hard she whimpered. Joshua tore her shirt off, sucking her neck hungrily.

Dani clawed at his T-shirt, her nails raking the skin of his back as her lips grazed his cheek, and his ear. “Joshua.”

Her whisper brushed his skin and tingles shot down his neck, somehow reaching his cock. His stomach clenched and his erection jerked in his jeans. Her lace bra was flimsy under his powerful hands and he wrecked it as he tore that from her, too. He bit gently at her breasts, holding himself back from sinking his teeth into the tantalizing mounds and then sucked her nipples as they pebbled under his lips.

Her fingers tunneled in his hair and grasped, pressing his head to her body.

The sting as she pulled his hair sent delicious spikes of sensation bouncing along his neck and back. His cock leaked. His balls ached. He fell to his knees before her.
“Dani, I want you so much. Tell me you want me, too. I can’t go on unless I hear it.” His wolf knelt to her, his mate, the love of his life, if only she knew, if only he could take her, make her his.

She pulled his T-shirt off and threw it away. Her fingernails sank into his muscled shoulders. “I know you want me and I want you, too. Take me.”

The low-rise jeans she wore suffered under Joshua’s frenzy as he broke the zip. He dragged them down to her ankles taking the black silk panties she wore with them. Sweat sprang on his neck and trickled between his shoulders as he buried his face in her silky mound. The taste of her cream drove him crazy as he thrust his tongue into her slit. Her moaning brought his face away from her pussy and he kissed up her body to her mouth. He had no idea where he was only that the night enveloped him in a mist of sex, need, and love. His mind reeled under the intensity of emotion as her lips parted under his mouth.

Her breath mingled with his. Her arms went around his neck as he picked her up.

Joshua brought her to the floor of the verandah. He laid her down and finished undressing her in seconds, the jeans, and slip on shoes thrown to one side. He ran his fingers up and down the inside of her thighs as he deliberately teased her with a kiss designed to reduce her to begging for his cock thrusting inside her creaming pussy. As he thrust two fingers into her wet channel, he thrust his tongue into her mouth, sliding against her delicious tongue. His groan caught in his throat when she pushed her fingers down into his jeans and slipped them on the pre-cum leaking from his cock.

She wrenched her head to one side to free her mouth. “Fuck me, Josh.” Her whispered words did something to his stomach. It clenched and his cock surged upward.

He let go of her and pulled off his jeans. They caught on his boots. He dragged them off.

Dani slid her hand around his ass, her fingertips teased between his legs. With her other hand she grabbed his cock.

Joshua threw his head back and groaned. He bent to her lips and kissed her hard.

As she squeezed and teased his cock, he finger-fucked her until her cream ran on his palm.

His eyes wouldn’t open. Lust closed them shut. He couldn’t stop kissing her, his tongue on hers. He opened her legs wide and lay between them in a fog of sexual need.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 

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