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My Sexy Saturday brings you seven sexy, sentences, words or paragraphs
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This week My sexy Saturday comes from , The Summer Heat, a contemporary erotic menage from Evernight Publishing

She put her hand along the table toward him.

He recognized the invitation to touch her fingertips. He traced her fingernails with the tip of his finger, trailed up and down her fingers to her knuckles as he gazed longingly at her lips. He pushed aside a small bowl of flowers situated in the middle of the table, and leaned to kiss her, unable to wait any longer for the treat.

Annabel met him halfway.

As soon as her lips pressed against his, streaks of sensation raced through his balls. His cock stirred and filled out. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth as the kiss ended, not wanting to let go. When he finally leaned away to gaze at her, pure desire teased him in her darkened eyes. His cock lengthened and completed his erection. He swallowed, trying to compose himself.

“You look lovely. I feel strangely unable to think of a thing to say. All I want to do is kiss you.” He knew his voice wasn’t his own. It belonged to some guy who had fallen in love and whose feelings were running riot. He’d flirted with Annabel in response to her long gazes and brushing of fingertips, but now all he could think of was sex, raw, heated, mind-numbing sex. I want … no, need the kind of sex that makes my legs feel like jelly and we both drop to sleep still tangled up, with my cock still inside her. Then when we wake up, we make love to each other again...

Nate hadn’t ever been in love. He’d been close and he’d had the kind of sex so good that it drove him nuts for more, but wanting a woman the way he wanted Annabel was new. His emotions were a bizarre jumble for him. He wanted to fuck her hard, love her slowly so that she melted against him with pleasure, protect her, keep her with him all the time, possess her, and yet give her anything she wanted, all at the same time.
He took a deep breath.

Annabel’s expression held love as she looked into his eyes. She glowed with it. She licked along her lip that he’d sucked into his mouth, and then smiled. 
Elodie Parkes Copyright 2014 Evernight Publishing
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