#SexySnippets Sunday That's some kiss #eroticromance

Seven sexy sentences only allowed each Sunday
so let's make the most of them

He gently brought her hands down by her sides, and softly held her around the waist. He gazed into her eyes as he bent his head to her mouth.
The eye contact alone had Marissa’s pussy creaming again, so that when he touched his lips to hers, spikes of desire flew up her stomach and a soft involuntary sound escaped her.
Cade held her tighter, his hands clasping her body as he kissed her.

The contrast between his hard grip on her waist and the softness of his kiss sent Marissa reeling into a fog of lust. She kissed him, greedy for more. Desperation to tear his clothes off him and slide along the length of his body skin to skin, coiled in her lower stomach.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 Evernight Publishing

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  1. Beautifully sensuous, Elodie. The passion leaps off the page here :-)


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