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He’d stared at her with such frank desire and sexual need in his eyes it made her pussy clench. She’d almost reached out and run her hand along his delicious jaw when he squatted close to her.
 Whoever he was she wanted to know him. She wanted him in a way she’d never experienced. 
The atmosphere between them sizzled with sexual attraction. If I’m not careful, I’ll simply jam up against him as if we’re magnets with opposite poles.

She chanced looking at him again.

His blue eyes bored into her as they locked gazes. His pupils darkened and widened.

The urge to touch him grew to a pain in the middle of her body.

The man spoke.

Dani watched his lips move, lust growing within her to a pitch that scared her. Her pussy throbbed and cream drenched her panties. What had he said? She dragged her attention to his words.

“Well, are you a tourist?” He repeated his earlier question.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 including picture
Surprising the Alpha (M/F shifter erotic romance, HEA)
The town is dying after a new highway takes previous through traffic and custom away from shops, cafes, the bars and tourist attractions. The Venn wolf-shifter pack and alpha Joshua Venn are suffering. They’ve lived happily in the town as humans and like it, but now they’re threatened with slinking back to the woodland den with their tails between their legs.
One warm summer day Dani Cruz and her brother Jason hit town. They’re entrepreneurs whose business is town regeneration. Only one person resents their arrival, alpha wolf-shifter Joshua. Will his determination to be the only one who saves his pack drive the town to ruin?
Or will something happen that changes his life forever?

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