What happens when I visit the stock sites for #coverart #bookcover models and pics #MondayBlogs

I spend interminable hours looking for faces I haven't seen on a thousand book covers or haven't yet used myself.
Please someone out there start photographing people and even places so that there are more.

There are so many book releases now and new eBooks are in the millions and growing exponentially daily.

Yikes, does this mean we have to start using more and more ways of disguising the face we've seen a huge number of times on covers?
Art work takes a lot of time. 
I love it, but can I please have some new faces.

I thought the guy to the left had hardly been used ... I was wrong.

Not seen the model below yet but it's early in the week.
 The lovely cover for A Fairy Tale Romance from Evernight has a couple that are so frequently seen now, it's bizarre.
I searched for a different pic with models that have their faces hidden to make the banner. Fab pic found, and they are on the beach, but what's the betting I see the pic as I browse the eBook sites tomorrow?

When I designed and made the cover for The Flower Box, I'd genuinely not seen the couple on book covers, yikes, only weeks later they were everywhere.
Naturally, as soon as new faces pop up, book cover artists, graphic artists, snap them up, just like me.

So let's end on a pic,  Dreamstime purchased faces I've not seen much of yet, but don't let anyone who designs book covers know ... please


  1. I feel the same way. I try to keep track of those covers in my genre so I don't use the same stock image, but it's impossible. They need different models on these stock photo sites. It's quite upsetting to see your cover all over the place. I guess it comes down to doing lots of layers. Depressing at best.

    1. Hi Brina,
      Thank you for your comment. It's so true and yes that's what I've been doing for covers and banners etc loads of layering, but after a while it's not possible to disguise the model further. I can recognize them too when artists in one of my publishers have used the same model on a cover as they have on my books :-) What can you do, there are so few new faces out there.


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