Wolf-shifter Wednesday with #MWTease from 'Wolf Bound' The Venn Pack in Love 2 WIP #amwriting

#MWTease from the WIP 'Wolf Bound' 
A paranormal erotic romance in The Venn Pack in Love series

Read the tease:

The café door opened, setting the small, wooden wind chime tinkling prettily. Chosen by Liberty especially for its mellow tones, the sound brought Liberty’s gaze up to check on the person entering. Her heart took an enormous leap then began pounding fast. The customer was the gorgeous man who’d captured her attention a week ago, and he smiled at her as if he knew her. Liberty felt rather than saw him walk to the café counter. Time hung suspended at his approach. Her heart hammered, making her lightheaded.

Then he spoke. “Hi, you’re open. I didn’t think I’d be able to find any breakfast so early.”

His deep tones sent a pull of attraction through Liberty, scattering her wits. She stared at him for more than a few seconds, then her senses kicked in and she nodded. “Yes, we open at seven in summer. What can I get you?” Her voice wavered just a little as the thoughts, my kisses, my arms around that fabulously sexy body, fell alarmingly into her mind. She’d normally smile at her customers, but this guy stole that impulse from her with his compelling presence, and left within her an ache to touch him preventing her from smiling.

“Coffee, black, please, and what about a steak and fried egg sandwich is that doable?” His ice-blue eyes flicked to the menu board on the wall at the back of the counter. The daily update, written there in Ryder’s neat handwriting before he’d left for work, didn’t include steak and eggs, but Liberty would have hunted a rabbit for this customer if he’d asked. That was saying something, too, since Liberty hardly shifted into her wolf and even less often hunted.

“Sure thing, I’ll get your coffee and then put your food on.” She poured freshly made coffee from the jug into one of the big, blue, ceramic cups and set it down. “Take a seat. There’s free Wi-Fi and the morning paper on the stand by the window. It’s only local, I’m afraid.”

The man gazed at Liberty with the most delicious expression. “Don’t be afraid. Local is great. In fact, I’m setting up home here so it’s handy to know what’s going on.”

Sure he flirted with her, she finally smiled in pleasure. “That’s…good.” Nothing else in her mind right then was okay to say aloud. He’s going to live here. Wow, that’s perfect. He’s yummy.

As if reluctant to cease their conversation he asked, “You cook the food and run the café alone here?

With a nervous flutter of her hands toward the kitchen at the back, Liberty murmured, “I only cook alone until seven-thirty when my help arrives. I’ll just get going on the food…er, toasted bread for the sandwich or…”

The customer held her gaze for a few seconds, his blue eyes full of warmth, amusement, and tenderness. Then he picked up his coffee cup. “Toasted sounds delicious.”

The look in his eyes shot into Liberty’s lonely heart. It gave her butterflies in her stomach and set her wanting more—more of his glances, more from his deep voice, and more of his perfectly kissable lips smiling just for her.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 
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