A #SexySnippet for a summer Sunday #romance

Seven Sentences only allowed in the #SexySnippet hop
This week from, The Summer Heat, menage MFM erotic romance

She accepted an invitation to go on one of Evan’s boats for an evening sail down the river when Nate had a late client meeting. It wasn’t a date. Two other people were there. She stopped short of kissing Evan goodnight as they stood together on the dock afterwards. His face paused so close to hers, and the pull of attraction was so strong, her pussy throbbed and clenched. He smelt divine, like the ocean mingled with his masculine pheromones. She hoped he’d kiss her, make a pass at her, but he just gazed at her with his eyes dark and full of lust.
Copyright Elodie Parkes , Evernight Publishing 


  1. Loved this book. Great snippet.

  2. Hmm, love the description of his scent. Such a sensual snippet, Elodie :-)


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