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She saw him as he turned the corner. He looked good, tall, and sexy, with his dark hair blown into soft waves that made the planes of his face look even more enticing. He was wearing a black leather biker jacket and dark jeans. He stopped as he reached her.
“Hi.” He gazed at her for a few seconds and then kissed her cheek. 
Alice moved toward his face. The kiss wasn’t enough. Will he hold my hand? She wanted it. She looked down at his hand as they began to walk to the end of the street.

He must have felt her broadcasting need because he took her hand, and held it firmly. Alice sighed with pleasure. His hand was strong around hers. She walked happily, but all the same, wishing they could fast forward, and know each other, so that they could go home to bed. She wanted him badly.

They reached the café. Alice led them to a spot where the lights were dim and a candle flickered in a magenta glass ball on the table.
Oliver pulled out a chair for her.
She sat down out of courtesy, but hoped he’d sit near, and not opposite.

He brought his chair up close and angled it to face her.
“How was work?”

Alice let the sound of his voice flow over her. Her gaze traced his cheekbones and his perfect for kissing lips. She almost sighed with longing as she stared into his blue eyes. Her voice was nearly a whisper.
“Busy, but that meant the time went faster.”

Oliver smiled. “That’s good.”

Alice touched her cheek where Oliver had kissed her when they met outside her shop. She looked at his lips and brought her fingertips to her own.

Oliver stared at her. He leaned over and kissed her mouth.

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  1. Yum...love instant chemistry. The tension here is great. Love it!


  2. Very nice snippet! You can feel the emotion and sexual tension building. Very sexy.

    Thanks for sharing, Elodie, and for being part of My Sexy Saturday!


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