She flicked her gaze to the bulge in his pants...#MWTease from #erotic #romance, Rescuing Cade @EvernightPub

From Rescuing Cade, Evernight Publishing, erotic romance with a sprinkle of vanilla BSDSM

She flicked her gaze to the bulge in his pants as she stepped to him and stroked over his growing erection. She unbuttoned his shirt and slid her hands over the delicious contours of his hard body. “Mmm.” She licked along his chest from one nipple to the other and pulled his shirt down his arms. At his wrists, she thought fleetingly about bringing a silk scarf from her bedside cabinet and tying his hands so that she could lick him all over and tease his cock until he groaned to come. Instead, she took the time to open the buttons on the cuffs and kiss the palms of his hands.
With his shirt off, Cade looked so delectable, Marissa’s clit throbbed, and her cream drenched the inner tops of her thighs. She gazed at him longingly.
In one swift movement, Cade was in front of her, holding her face, his kiss soft, gentle and then hard, needy, and again tender.

Marissa felt the hesitation in his touch and resolved to let him know just how delicious he was. She let a soft sound of pleasure escape and fumbled to undo the fastener of his suit pants. She didn’t have trouble in The Club, but now just about naked with his tongue in her mouth, and his hands fisting in her hair, she trembled with need. She succeeded and murmured incoherently into his open mouth before she dragged his pants and boxers down his hard ass to the tops of his thighs. Her eyes closed with lust, she grasped his ass and thrust her stomach onto his huge, hard cock.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015
Cade’s trying to get over a broken heart when his friend Jack takes him off to a nightclub, named only, The Club. Although at first Cade is shocked by the place, he meets Marissa. It’s not long before he and Marissa get together, but under the pressure of mixed emotions, and Marissa’s fear of commitment, they’re both running in opposite directions.
Gorgeous Cade has touched Marissa’s heart in ways she doesn’t want to admit.
Lovely Marissa has lifted Cade’s sadness and opened his heart to love again.

The trouble is — someone has to give a little. Who’s it going to be?
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