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From upcoming Evernight Publishing release, 'A Dom for Patti'

She took one of his hands and put it between her legs.

The invitation in her move sent tingles dancing over his lower stomach. He pushed two fingers into her creaming pussy and moaned into her open mouth as she kissed him. His cock leaked, his stomach clenched and he pulled his fingers from her. “Patti.” He whispered against her mouth. Water ran between their lips, down his chest as he lifted her and levered her against the shower wall. He couldn’t say any more, the need to fuck robbed his voice. 

Her legs wrapped around him. She clung with one hand to his shoulder and used the inset soap holder to help him lift her. “Fuck me, Cameron.”

Her soft request against his lips brought a smile. “I’m about to, sweet.” He rammed his cock up into her and was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure in his ear. One hand on the wall, he grasped under her ass with the other, kneading as he thrust into her slick wet channel. The water slipped down his back. Patti’s moans filled his ears. Her fingers pressed into his shoulder muscle sending an exotic sting down his arm.

She stiffened against his body, pressing her breasts against him so that her hard, peaked nipples grazed on his chest. At each thrust, she clenched her pussy on his cock, until with a low, nearly soundless moan, she pressed her nose and mouth to his as she came.

Cameron’s eyes closed with lust. He bit her bottom lip as he nuzzled at her mouth trying to breathe and kiss her at the same time. His orgasm ripped through him. His legs went like jelly and he bent with Patti clinging to him, leaning on the wall heavily until the delicious waves of cum pulsing from him waned. He dragged in a breath and clasped Patti against him. The smile that suddenly sprang to his lips turned into a laugh, the orgasm was so good. “Mmm, I’m winded from coming.” He beamed at Patti as she leaned her head away to look into his eyes.

She smiled, too. “If you let me down I’ll help you soap up, although I’m feeling a little winded, too.”

Cameron lifted her off him and slid her to the floor. “Only a little? I’ll fuck you harder next time.” He picked up the shower gel from the little chrome stand in the corner of the shower and squeezed some onto her hands and then his own. “Hell, I can’t wait to smooth this over you.” He started on her breasts and Patti stepped closer to reach his hard, muscled ass.

Copyright Elodie Parkes , Evernight Publishing upcoming June 2015 release
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