Hump day and #MWTease join forces for a sneak peek at WIP 'An Unusual Vacation' #eroticromance

An Unusual Vacation
Dominic Carr hopes for a romantic interlude during his vacation. He's tired and jaded from his high pressure job.
Little does he know this summer he will have , An Unusual Vacation

Michelle opened her eyes. She lay on her back and the first thing she saw was a burst of stars splayed out across the sky like a jeweled ribbon. 
Dominic had his arm resting over her waist and his face nuzzled into her neck. A smile spread over her face. She concentrated on the feel of Dominic’s skin against hers and the weight of his arm on her waist. A thrill of pleasure went through her. He’s so gorgeous, sexy, nice. I want him. She sighed softly. I so hope this is the start of something lasting. Please don’t let it be a holiday romance. 
She watched as a streak of light traveled across a darker part of sky. Wow, a shooting star. I wish, I wish, Dominic would fall in love with me. She squeezed her eyes shut tight to add emphasis to her wish.

Dominic stirred beside her. He kissed her neck where his face touched and rolled onto his back.

Michelle didn’t want to wake him even though she missed his arm around her.

Then he shifted close again and found her hand to hold.

She turned onto her side to snuggle against his shoulder.

Dominic whispered, “Are you awake?” He lifted her hand and kissed her knuckles.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 All rights reserved
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  1. A wonderful tease. I hope she gets her wish soon.

  2. Great snippet, Elodie, and I love the hot pics! :)

  3. So very sweet, but I have a feeling what comes next is going to be hot. ;) Great tease!

  4. I hope she gets her wish. Good tease, Elodie. :)


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