@MySexySaturday with red hot Our sexy Places theme #erotic #romance 'The Only Way to Dance' How sexy can an elevator car get?

He knew from the level of light in the elevator that this was a power cut and the fail safe light had triggered. The emergency brake would be on. The engineers and maintenance people in the company would wait for a short time before they did any drastic rescue. They’d call the power supply company and check what was happening. If need be they’d force the doors and get them out, but between floors was always messy. Dylan knew, because he’d been in this situation before. He saw her lick her lip. He held out his arms. He couldn’t offer her anything else.

Chrissie stepped into his arms.

He rubbed his face in the top of her hair. Strands fell out of the comb.

She lifted her head to look at his face. She looked sexy, pale, a little disheveled, but so pretty.

He kissed her.

Chrissie responded with a kiss that sent tingles to his balls and tightened his stomach. Dylan traced the seam of her lips with the tip of his tongue. When she opened her mouth and her tongue met his, the rush of desire that went straight down his body hardened his cock. He explored her mouth and tongue with his. Each touch made his cock jerk and grow until he felt the tip against the waistband of his shorts.

“You know, if this was a movie we’d have sex and the time would fly by, then we’d be saved.” He kissed her between phrases, wondering what she would do if he unzipped her skirt and the shell top she wore so that he could knead her breasts and push his fingertips against her pussy. The thought brought a low groan to his throat and a pearl of moisture leaked from his cock. 

©Elodie Parkes Evernight Publishing

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