#ScintillatingSunday sure sizzles this week with a #spanking 'A Dom for Patti@ @EvernightPub

We can only have 8 sentences so let's make the most of them

Patti walked quietly, head down to a table close by. The underskirt of her dress rustled as she perched delicately on a chair. She knew Dominic would give her release, but she had to earn it. Desire coiled in her stomach as she watched a scene happening at another table. Patti pushed away memories of Cameron as the Dom pulled his Sub across his knee and spanked her. The low moans of pleasure from the Sub grew rhythmic as the Dom gave the last slap and pushed his fingers into the Sub’s pussy. Patti watched his thrusting fingers, hypnotized, with her nipples peaking against the stiff bodice of her dress and her pussy clenching. Her need for sex grew with each of the Sub’s gasps until Patti rocked on the end of her seat with an edgy frown and her tongue pressed against her top lip. 
©Elodie Parkes Evernight Publishing 2015
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