When a lone wolf arrives in town he causes more than a stir in Liberty Venn's cafe #MWTease #romance

When a lone wolf arrives in town he causes more than a stir in Liberty Venn's cafe as he sets out to capture her heart.
#MWTease from 'Wolf Bond' The Venn Pack in Love 2 

Liberty slipped her hands around his face and kissed him softly.

He soaked up the pleasure from her kiss, his eyes closed.

She whispered to him. “We’ve never had any other wolf-shifters come to this town. There was a tiny pack who lived in the forests bordering the state and we knew them a long time ago, but that’s it. Then Dani and Jason arrived. We trusted them and they’ve not let us down, but another shifter rocking up. It’s kinda weird. Don’t you think? I was shocked, but now I know you I’m not of course, but even so, it’s still odd that another shifter shows up. A wolf with no pack. A lone wolf. They’re rare and often dangerous, if they’re young, like you…”

Eden stared at her. “You don’t trust me? You think I might take what I want from you and leave you? I love you. I’m not going anywhere. I’m making a new home here. I won’t let you down.”

Liberty traced her fingertips over his jaw and cheeks.

It soothed him.

She sighed and kissed him. “I do trust you. I love you. Although Eden, when I asked you if you were in danger at all, you more or less said not, but I saw secrets in your eyes. You aren’t in danger are you? You aren’t here hiding are you?”

Eden’s heart lurched. He went hot and then cold. He couldn’t tell her a lie now he loved her and she was his. “I’m not in danger, but I did come here to escape possible danger.”

Liberty moved her face sharply away from his. “What danger?”

©Elodie Parkes 2015
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  1. Looks like a fab read. Thanks for the tease!

  2. Such a tease with that ending! Nice excerpt! :)

  3. What danger indeed? Fab tease, Elodie :-)

  4. Sounds intriguing, Elodie, well done!

  5. Great tease. Can't wait to discover what he's running from.


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