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A ménage romance two guys and a girl, this is erotic, contemporary romance that sizzles.

The Summer Heat

When lifelong friends Nate and Evan watch the arrival of a new neighbor, they never expect to find their friendship rocked by the lovely Annabel who moves into the empty house next door.
Annabel likes both Nate and Evan the moment she meets them. As they all grow close, will she be forced to choose between these gorgeous men?

As Annabel leans over the fence kissing Nate, Evan sends her crazy with his sexy moves
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Nate held the top of the fence. He leaned toward Annabel’s face and captured her mouth in a kiss that sent streaks of hot sexual need down to her nipples.

As Nate kissed her, Evan eased her thighs apart with a soft yet insistent pressure. He pulled the gusset of her panties aside. His fingertips searched along the wet folds of her pussy, coating them with her cream, and he brought them to circle her clit.

Annabel sighed as Nate drew away from the kiss. Her pussy clenched when Evan pinched her clit. She reached her hand out to Nate and held him around the neck to pull him back to her mouth. Her hips thrust as Evan pushed two fingers into her saturated pussy. She slid her tongue along Nate’s as he opened his mouth to her.

Evan pumped two fingers of one hand in her pussy and circled her clit hard with his other fingertips.
Annabel gasped into Nate’s open mouth when Evan’s tongue played on her hip as he placed wet kisses there. Her dress up around her waist and her panties pushed aside, she writhed with the overwhelming need to come.

“Annabel, I’ll walk around, and we’ll ease that need I know you’re feeling. You’re practically whimpering.” Nate’s whisper reached her through a fog of lust as he eased his mouth away to breathe.

“No, kiss me.” She pressed her breasts against the fence and grabbed Nate around the neck as Evan brought her closer to orgasm. She jerked down on his fingers and rocked alternately. Evan’s lips on her thighs as he finger fucked her and his thumb stroking hard on her clit, sent her over the edge. She came with a low moan into Nate’s mouth.

He pulled back with a puzzled expression on his face. “Did you just come? That’s how it sounded. Now my cock’s about to explode.”
© Elodie Parkes Evernight Publishing
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