From WIP 'Captive Wolf, The Venn Pack in Love 3' #paranormalromance #suspense #MWTease

Captive Wolf, The Venn Pack in Love 3

It was already late and the outdoor lights sparkled as darkness fell. Evie gazed out of the window at the woodland beyond the estate fences. Thick forest on one side and single stands of trees dotted the countryside on the other. In the distance during the day, she detected the shimmer of water. Evie hadn’t been blindfolded on the way there, but the SUV had heavily tinted windows in the back, and the seats were custom built so that they were low and placed lengthwise. She’d had no real opportunity to check the location until she’d arrived.

She went to the computer and checked the email. Her boss was out for the night with another hunter. Sometimes he’d email her instructions when he was off somewhere doing his shady business. Tonight there was nothing. She shut the machine down and went to her room.

As she showered, thoughts tumbled in her head. Tomorrow was the last time she’d have chance to convince Ryder of her plan. If she didn’t and he didn’t shift, they’d simply toss him to a pack of hunting dogs, specially starved for the occasion. Evie pictured Ryder’s face. A huge drench of sadness bent her over and she sobbed. Tears joined the shower water running down her face as she leaned heavily on the wall.
© Elodie Parkes 2015
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  1. A very Intriguing tease today, Elodie :-)

  2. Oh, dear. Now I'm really hoping everything works out. Great tease, Elodie!

  3. Great snippet, Elodie, well done!


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