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Surprising the Alpha
The Venn Pack in Love
August release from Siren Publishing
The town is dying after a new highway takes previous traffic and custom away from its tourist attractions. The Venn wolf-shifter pack is suffering.
One day Dani Cruz and her brother Jason hit town and now Joshua Venn is looking for answers. It's one hot summer and this alpha is in for more than one surprise.

Seven sexy paragraphs:

She sat on the end of the low, wooden planked jetty that jutted out into the river, with her feet in the water.
It took a moment for Joshua to see she’d taken off her jeans. In that short time he feasted on the sight of her pretty face turned up to the sun, her fall of brown hair stirring slightly in the breeze and the curve of her breasts, pushing against her shirt. Now, his heart hammered alarmingly as his gaze traveled over her thighs. His alpha wolf temper was still riding him and so he hated the effect she had on him then. It made him feel weak and stupid, gazing at her with his mouth open like a cub.
About to walk on, disgusted with his vulnerability to the scent and sight of this young woman, he halted when she called out.
“Hi, lovely day.”
Joshua aimed his best ferocious expression at her. What’s she doing talking to a strange man when there’s no one else around for miles? Crap. I could be anybody. I am anybody. I could eat her up if I turned. I could snap her neck in one bite. I wish she’d be more careful. Hell, she’s lovely. If she were mine, I’d spank her for putting herself in danger. If she were mine, I’d wrap her in my arms and kiss the breath from her…
“Yes, it’s a lovely day.” He squeezed out the words between gritted teeth. His head said get going, but his ridiculously leaping, banging heart said stay.
She smiled. “I’m waiting for my brother and couldn’t resist dipping my feet in.”
Relief that she wasn’t quite the na├»ve fool he’d first thought flew along Joshua’s frayed nerves. So at least someone will be along soon to see she’s safe. In the meantime, I’m here to take care of her.

©Elodie Parkes 2015 Siren Publishing 
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