Let's Sintillate with #ScintillatingSunday for #eroticromance lovers who's looking for a Dom #BDSM

Let's Sintillate with #ScintillatingSunday for #eroticromance lovers
He took her panties to her ankles, and slowly, after softly tracing up and down her legs, he removed them.

Patti lifted each foot for him as he slipped the lacy item over her stilettoes. Her pussy throbbing and wet through, she grasped the sides of the table. She buried her face in a silk scarf that trailed across the top. Her breath left her in a harsh exhale when Cameron pushed a finger into her from behind and brought the cream-coated tip to circle her clit. The feeling forced her eyes tightly shut. It was delicious.
© Elodie Parkes Evernight Publishing 2015
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