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From October Siren Publishing release 8 paragraphs of scintillation
Wolf Bond: The Venn Pack in Love 2
He sighed with pleasure. Her every touch was so welcome, so good to feel, his balls ached, his ass clenched and his cock leaked. He took the shoes off her and then slipped her panties off. He left them on the floor and grabbed her around the thighs lifting her over his shoulder as she laughed and ran her hands down his back to hold on. He carried her into his bathroom sliding a hand between her upper thighs as he walked. He couldn’t resist teasing at her pussy. 
Liberty gasped and cream wet her folds under his fingertips.

Eden stopped at the shower stall and reached one hand in to turn the faucet. He let Liberty down slowly and held her against his body. He thrust his hard cock on her stomach slowly and gently as he held her face and kissed her. “I am going to fuck you all night.”

She moaned softly against his lips. “That sounds perfect.” She held his hand and stepped into the sprinkles of water.

Eden took a handful of shower gel and smoothed it over her shoulders and down her back. He kneaded her ass as he kissed the water from her face and the tip of her nose. Her satiny skin under his palms made him tingle. He slid his hands over her hips and down her stomach. His fingertips slipped over her tempting mound and he traced the slit of her pussy slowly. Every muscle in his body tightened as he closed his eyes against her cheek and pushed his fingers into her wet welcome. Soft sounds escaped him. They murmured up from his throat all by themselves, and his hips jerked involuntarily in time to the strokes of his fingers in Liberty’s pussy. The head of his cock hit against her body and slid in the shower water as it streamed over her. Eden moaned with pleasure, all his senses heightened by the water, the smooth silken feel of her skin, and the way she whispered to him. “Fuck me, fuck me, Eden.”

She brought suds from the shower gel from her body to his. Trailing her palms down his ass and teasing at the crack in gentle sweeps. She reached between their bodies, and circled the head of his cock with slippery fingertips unable to reach and grasp his erection because he finger fucked her and his arm was in the way. “I can’t get to you. Bend a little. I need to touch you.”

Eden’s eyes were heavy with lust. He took his free hand from her face where he held her to kiss and leaned on the shower wall. He moved his body so that she could reach him. 

Her hands sheathed his erection.

He jerked into the enclosure. He groaned and sought her mouth to take more kisses. The water ran in warm rivulets over his head, and down his back. He curled his fingers in her pussy and thrust his cock into her hands.

 Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 Siren Publising
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