Sunday means #SexySnippets Today from The Black Lion #vampire #eroticromance

7 sexy sentences from The Black Lion

He grabbed her to his body, his hand under her ass to grind his hard cock against her mound. His other hand curled around the nape of her neck, trapping the length of her hair, he kissed her hard. Her warmth, her softness, the way she pressed against him, staggered him. All he could think of was having his cock deep inside her warm, wet pussy. He backed her up against the nearby bureau, each small step filled with sexual tension until he thought his nerves would shatter, and his cock explode. He turned her, his fingertips grazing her nipples as they stood out. He bent her, kissed down her back, pushed his fingers into her pussy from behind, to have her cream drip over his palm.

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  1. Phew, you never disappoint with the smexyness, Elodie :-)


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